Why are fags obsessed with feet? I’m an alpha and I think it’s disgusting. Like why would you want my dirty dry smelly feet when I have my cock?

Thank you, Sir!

Like most faggots, I have a huge foot fetish. Why do we love Alpha feet so much? Well, I can think of a couple of reasons:

1. Worshiping a Man’s feet demonstrates supreme obeisance and submission to him. The fact that we are willing to kiss, lick, and suck on that part of the body, one reviled as being filthy and close to the dirt, shows our slavish devotion to your power.

2. A Man’s feet are the center of his power, his gravity. They are a stabilizing force, his source of direction and propulsion. Those smells you find so disgusting we find intoxicating because those are YOUR smells; the hormones in your sweat, in such abundance in your feet, drive us crazy.

3. A Man’s feet carry a great deal of destructive power. They are used as the blunt end of a deadly kick, they crush things. Many faggots have macrophilia, which is a fetish for being a tiny, defenseless person (I wrote about macrophilia here). A Man’s large, powerful feet plays into that fetish easily. 

4. Massaging a Man’s feet brings him a lot of pleasure. I dearly love massaging a Man’s feet, feeling all of those exquisite bones and muscles popping and bending in my hands. Ultimately, any faggot exists to bring Men pleasure, correct? Well, foot massages are absolutely a great way to do that, Sir!

5. Men can have sexy feet. They are usually muscular (for feet) and thick. Powerful. Long, purposeful toes. Thick, meaty soles. Gosh, I’m getting myself worked up just thinking about it!

But some Alphas have very delicate, stunning feet. Here are a couple of sets of feet from two of my favorite twink Alphas. 

This one is @princealan0 on Twitter. Stunning. 

And then there is the greatest foot Dom in the world, @MasterMaxWorld. He’s a straight-but-uninhibited Alphas and foot Master whom I dearly love. 

 Whew! That’s almost a full post! 

I hope I answered your question sufficiently, Sir! Ultimately, you don’t need to really understand the inner workings of the fag mind. You only need to enjoy reaping the benefits of it!

Thank you, Sir!