This is going to sound crazy. I’m a 28 yo PhD student. Two months ago, this grinning freshman wrestler at the univ. came into the math center where I volunteer. I saw he could do the math, he was there to chat me up and try to impress me. I fell for it completely. Long story short – I ended up at this blog because I had trouble getting him off orally. He asked me if I had ever seen a guy suck dick. So, I’ve tried to learn for him. I’m not surprised guys suck his dick but it was very honest

GODDAMN young Alphas are incredible!!! Their confidence, aggression, fearlessness, and control is unmatched. The above experience is yet another example of why I’ve spent my life worshiping these superior beings!

WHEW  – anyway, I just had to let that out!

Brother, I’m not sure if there is another part to this (?) or if you had a question (?) … but I will say that this Alpha demonstrates (a) brazen honesty, and (b) an interest in seeing you improve your skills so that he can continue to use you. Those are both excellent signs!

I have quite a few blowjob videos on my site. These are blowjob videos that I have curated to feature proper technique. 

You can access these posts by clicking here!

I always recommend that faggots train their throats using silicone dildos. This should go without saying, really. Be serious about perfecting technique. A great blowjob is one of the best gifts anyone can give to a Man.

Here is a seminal post I wrote about sucking cock:

How To Give A Great Blowjob

I must commend you, my brother, for your instant submission to this great young Alpha! You have an amazing opportunity ahead of you! I hope you make the most of it, work hard, and experience the extreme fulfillment of serving one of the greatest Men on Earth!