How has your baby boy changed your life for the better?

I don’t hardly remember my life before his life entered mine. He is the bravest, kindest, and most thoughtful human being I have ever encountered. He held onto his hope and faith despite the monumental hate and cruelty that scarred his young life. The amount of courage this little boy showed, again and again, staggers me every day and still makes me weep when I think about it. I cry for his suffering as much as I cry from joy that the universe reached out its hand and rescued him. 

The most significant change in me came spiritually. I was a firm “there is nothing out there” atheist before my Baby Boy arrived. But through the series of incredible events we experienced together, I learned that there is a power in this universe moving events at the right time to help those open to it. There is no other way to explain it. The things I saw proved it beyond any doubt. Is it the quantum power of The Secret? I don’t know … but it’s SOMETHING.

Another change in me happened in my heart. I spent my whole life living hedonistically and selfishly, never dropping my emotional anchor in any harbor for very long. I never, ever thought about having a child of my own to care for and support. But the universe dropped this boy into my lap and made a secret dream of mine come true. Now I have a son.

And finally, in my mind, my understanding of love changed. I used to view love in rigid “x+y=z” terms, discounting magic entirely. But my little boy taught me about the boundless magic of true love, a love undefined and divorced from traditional concepts. Even we struggle to define our relationship in terms people can understand. We are more than father/son or teacher/student or husband/husband. Our love transcends time and space. It has always been forever, and will always be forever.

We are soul mates. Believe me, I never thought I’d ever say that about another human being. But he’s here, and he’s very real. I will thank the entirety of the universe for this one precious gift for the rest of my days.