Hey fag, I’m a 19 year old rugby playing alpha and my girlfriend has recently stopped sucking my cock. Her pussy feels great obviously but a blowjob is my favourite way to get off. Ive recently discovered your blog and I’m wondering how to find a fag around me? There’s a few gays guys but how do I know if they’re a fag? Are there many straight acting fags?

Thank you for writing Sir!

I’m sorry to hear about your girlfriend’s work stoppage LOL. I cannot understand why any female would stop sucking the cock of their hot, athletic Alpha boyfriend. It makes no sense, Sir.

Fortunately, you have an entire planet of faggots that you have owned since the day you were born. You just didn’t know it until now. As an Alpha, it is your birthright to own these faggots. to be served by them and worshiped as a God.

It is very likely that faggots have made confused, fumbled attempts to offer themselves to you over the years, but you just didn’t notice. This is very typical of straight Alphas during their early teen years. Young straight Alphas are often too busy or distracted by pussy and parties and a million other things.

But now that you are starting to focus a bit more, you can start looking for clues. You might want to read over an article I wrote called “Identifying A Faggot” that provides some behaviors to watch for and identify. 

Youmight also find it beneficial to read the true life experience of frat fag, a formerly straight college student named Ry who was enslaved by his fraternity brother Duke. You can read that entire fascinating story from the very beginning by clicking here

I have no doubt those gay males you mentioned would submit to you in a heartbeat if you simply asserted your Alpha privilege and power with them. There are plenty of faggots (or in-denial, straight-acting faggots) near you who would crumble when faced with your obvious Superiority and dominant will, Sir. Watch the other guys when you’re at the gym, and I’m sure you will start to notice that certain males stare a bit too long, or follow you around … easy pickings. And, if nothing else, you can find faggots galore on Grindr or Recon.   

Here’s the one lesson I really want to instill in you, Sir: the world is your garden, and all of the fruits in it belong to YOU. It’s simply a matter of choosing, and then plucking them for your enjoyment.

That’s the life of a true Alpha!

Thank you so much for writing to me Sir. If you think about it, please keep me informed!