Hi, it’s the PhD student again. I neglected to mention this: I’m female and he’s straight. He wanted me to see videos of gay men sucking dick because, I’m assuming, men get him off with more ease. I didn’t mean to take the fire out of your reaction. If it’s any consolation I was as hypnotized as you said I was. This isn’t really “dating” probably but my exes were nothing like him at all. I’m more of a girl with him. I’m not bothered that he gets blown by guys, it makes more awed.

This is an idiotic follow-up to this apparently moronic question asked about a young Alpha pursuing a sub. 

Where are you earning your Ph.D.? At Dr. Nick’s Hollywood Upstairs Medical College?? I’m sorry, but it’s baffling that you would write to a fag sex blog about your sexual situation and leave out the vitally important fact that you’re female. It’s scary that you might be in charge of someone’s medical care with such a critically underdeveloped ability to grasp concepts or convey facts.

ANYWAY –  Most of my advice remains the same. Hopefully you’ll be able to do what no other female has ever been able to do and actually SUBMIT to this young God without whining about your expectations and needs. 

Good luck with that.