ieclecticcollectorprince asked:

A straight, alpha friend of mine (non-sexual) wrestles at our college. He was used to being #1 in his little 1A division and now he’s with nothing but number ones. And he lost a match back in March. He’s not as sullen and withdrawn as he was then but I can tell it was bad. Is there anything I can do? I’ve known him for years and he knows I’m gay. I’ve always had feelings in a way but I try to not get stupid. But times like this make it hard for me.

I’m guessing that when you ask “is there anything I can do?” you’re talking about sexually. And honestly, nothing restores an Alpha’s sense of strength and power like a faggot submitting to and worshiping him.

But how can you make that offer? I’m wondering if you could suggest giving him a massage (or work in a foot massage), and when he’s relaxed, float the idea that you want to be his faggot. Or that you want to serve him. Make it clear that you consider him to be Alpha and worthy of worship from faggots like you. 

I wouldn’t be afraid. If he enjoys your friendship and doesn’t want to change it, he’ll simply turn down the offer and move on. But often straight Alphas who have gay buddies are thinking about whether they would/could use that gay friend. 

They also don’t know how to get over the line and make something happen. That’s where a little bravery on your part will come into play. Good luck!