Hey fag, it me the 19yo rugby guy again. Your answer was really helpful and made me think a lot about the guys around me. There’s a guy on my rugby team who I’ve always thought was at least bi just cos I’ve seen him staring a lot at the other guys and taking a long time to dress, I thought he just had a big dick but now I think he was always on a semi hahah. Gonna try my luck with him and see what happens. Also saw a guy in the gym today checking out my ass while I changed so I pulled my underwear down to show off my cock. I felt like I could get away with it since I was in the locker room of the gym. He was staring at my cock the entire time and I loved watching his desire. I was gonna go closer to him to see if he’d approach me but I want a small fag to suck on my cock and he was almost as tall as I am (6’3”) so I thought I’d try again another time. Anyway thanks for your help fag, I wish I could just get you to drain my balls for me, I need a blowjob asap.

This is a follow-up to this sizzling, mind-blowing question from Rugby Alpha (his new name until I get a real one) from several days ago.  


I told you that you’d notice faggots lurking around you if you would just pay attention to it! Faggots are EVERYWHERE. Alphas like you can own the world with so many servants worshiping you and following your every command! 

It sounds like you have a couple of excellent first prospects, Sir. If I might suggest, Sir, I don’t think you should overlook the taller faggot. A taller faggot can suck your cock just as well as a smaller faggot. Additionally, imagine seeing a large male on its knees before you, submitting to your power! What an honor that would be to you, Sir!

Here’s what I ask of you: Do you feel the power growing, Sir? Do you feel destiny rising up to place your rightful crown upon your head? 

You are fast approaching a point in your life when you will have whatever you want – blowjobs, ass, pussy, massages, money, gifts, chores done – all upon demand. This is the life of a Supreme Alpha, Sir – YOU!

Nature chose correctly. Become King. Become God. Fulfill your destiny.

Thank you Sir!