Hi. I’m a woman. I follow gay porn blogs because I have a fetish of guys fucking other guys and recently I’ve developed a fetish about my husband fucking another guy while I’m watching. My husband and I we’re in our early 30’s. Do you think it is possible for such a thing to happen? I’m dreading having a conversation with him I honestly have no idea how he’d respond!

I’m really not surprised you feel this way, sister. Over the last 10-20 years, there has definitely been an increased interest in gay romance and light gay sex from females. For example, girls went crazy over the idea that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles were gay lovers, and I imagine if Shawn Mendes came out as gay the girls would be even more obsessed with him. I think it’s an outworking of our pretty boy band culture, and the sexless ideal they represent.

But anyway, I digress. I think more straight Men have thoughts about fucking another male than anyone realizes. I think you’d probably have a better shot at getting your husband to allow another male to suck his cock, but … you might get him to fuck another male. 

Talk to him and find out. If he knows it turns you on, he might be willing to do anything.