Well, I asked him what made him hire me, he said he liked me. He said I was beautiful, kind and smart. And that he’d want to be near me. So I confessed my attraction to him. And he instantly but his hand on my ass and mutual😃, I was wearing a shirt and trousers but he was wearing those white dresses they wear when praying… He started kissing my neck and caressing my face, I turned off, I was his at that found. He used me well😉 Im his whore now.

Okay, this is a follow up from a question asked last week of a young blond babysitter attracted to the Muslim father of the child he was watching. Click here to read that initial ask.

Baby brother, I’m glad everything went well and you are safe! And thank you for writing back to let me know you’re okay.

Please be careful. With you being 16, this situation could lead to trouble if anyone finds out about it. 

Take care. I wish you well.