I told a coworker that I am gay but only interested in oral. That I would like to try it more and see how I feel about it. Im white, 22. He is a very laid back black man in his late 30s . We have not done anything yet. The reason I felt comfortable telling him is because we have hung out and smoked pot a few times. When I asked he just smiled and did not answer. But later as I was leaving his asked if I liked black men. He smiled again and told me he could get me 6 of them. Now Im kinda stunned.

You did very well, little brother!! You did exactly what I’m always preaching here: BE BRAVE and OFFER YOURSELF TO MEN. You will be “stunned” often by the number of Men who will respond favorably to that offer!

In my extensive experience, black Alphas are ESPECIALLY receptive to offers from faggots. They have a special sexual aggressiveness that triggers around obvious subs. 

It sounds like you are headed into an incredible new experience in your life, my brother! Surrender yourself and just truly enjoy the ride! Allow them to take you there!!

Make sure you get back to me!