Please help! My alphas dick is 12 inches big and every time we fuck my ass bleeds and hurts. Any tips please!

I’m sorry to hear that brother!!

First question: where are you bleeding…internally, or your hole?

Second question: are you using lube? If so, how much?


– Use A LOT of lube. Obscene amounts.

– push out with your hole, a technique that helps fortify the ring of your asshole.

– your Alpha is going to need to take it easy when fucking you. That is just the reality (the curse?) of having a giant dick. At least until you can get acclimated to his size (which will happen).

– for you: RELAX. I know what it feels like to be confronted by big dicks (I’m part of the “fucked by 10+ inches” club also), and we have a tendency to seize up with fear. That only makes it worse on ourselves.

You can do this, brother! See: Long Of It – Fags Worship AlphasThe Long Of It – Fags Worship AlphasFAGSWORSHIPALPHAS.COM