Hey. Big fan. I am a top(not necessarily alpha). I have found that I love serving my boyfriend. And he wants to do anal but I do not want to, ummm make a mess. Any tips or tutorials? You may have already posted about this but I’m in need.

There are a few things people recommend to do before bottoming, like fasting or laxatives. These are generally unrealistic. The primary thing to do is lots of douching.

Back in my seriously slutty days, I would use a gravity-fed enema to get water all the way through the colon. Believe me, that’ll clean you out. But for general purposes, douching works well enough. You just need to douche and evacuate repeatedly until the water (lukewarm!) comes out clear.

NOTE: I’m not talking about Fleet enemas, those small bottles of fluid sold at drugstores. Those have salt (a saline solution) in them designed to induce a natural pushing reaction in the colon. I don’t recommend that.

I can’t stand Davey Wavey, but I think his tutorial on douching is useful.

And here is another good video tutorial about general issues involved with bottoming.