Been a while, but thank you for answering my question about letting my fag eat my ass. I made them do it last night and it was fantastic. I even gripped their head and forced them deeper to make sure they did a good job pleasing me, and I have a feeling I’m only going to like it more with time.

This question is a follow-up to a question asked a couple of weeks ago. Read that here!

Oh Sir, THANK YOU for following up with me! I’m so glad to hear back from you! I was wondering if my encouragement helped you to take the next step or not! I’m glad to hear that you have indeed ascended to that next level of your Alphahood! 

Not only have you increased in your personal power, but you have also deepened your faggot’s submission to you. When a faggot licks its Owner’s ass, the swirl of hormones and the humiliation of the act itself creates a potent cocktail that inebriates the faggot with complete submission. I guarantee you that the faggot’s heart beat wildly for hours afterwards from the high of serving you this way, Sir!

I have no doubt that rimming is going to become one of your go-to service requirements from now on. Men have so many tools at their disposal to induce or force submission in the females and faggots who serve them.  The ass is definitely one of the most potent tools to this end. I encourage all Alphas to consider using this powerful method to increase their power and cement their ownership of females and faggots!

Thank you Sir for getting back to me! Please feel free to write to me anytime, Sir!