My brother is hot and popular straight guy, i’m more like into arts and stuff and i see my dad likes my brother so much more than me, even though he does not say that. My brother likes to bully me, like putting his feet near my face and i’m so ashamed but sometimes i get boner. I think he’s noticed that. He has so mean smile and it’s so sexy at same time. He is threatening me and making me clean his room and stuff. Do you think he’s alpha and should i just do as he says? He calls me fag already.

There is no doubt that your brother is Alpha. And yes, I think you should do what he says. If nothing else, it will serve as good training for you. Without thinking, your brother is fulfilling his Hierarchical role as Alpha, and reinforcing the behaviors of the betas and faggots around him. This is one of the most fundamental building blocks of our social structure.

Just keep in mind that your brother knows what you are already. He’s accepted this about you. So take comfort in this, and relish the opportunity to have such a powerful Male animal near you at all times and imposing his Will upon you!