Why do you talk about the universe like it has sentience? That doesn’t sound very atheistic.

Being an atheist doesn’t mean I must take a rigid stance on everything. Being a believer in science means one must be constantly open to possibilities.

You’re right – I do talk about the universe that way NOW. The reason why I’ve changed my perspective is because of the series of miraculous occurrences that happened to bring me and Baby Boy together and the subsequent rescue that saved his life. About a year into it I started looking at so many lines of evidence pointing to some “other force” working through everything, and that’s when I adopted the idea that there are powers in this universe working things out.

Science actually supports some of this. The study of quantum mechanics continuously reveals more about the mysterious connectedness of our universe. Metaphysicians and theoretical scientists point to these connections as a way for the universe to communicate itself back to us. This is part of the theoretical science behind famous works like The Secret.

Ultimately, I have no other explanation for what’s happened in our case except this, for now.