I feel happy rn bc im a pretty hairy guy and I am somewhat dysphoric about it bc I feel like most guys i go for won’t find me attractive. But recently I started talking to this guy and things got sexual. He asked me for a body pic. I didn’t want to send it bc I hadnt shaved or waxed but I thought fuck it and sent it, he loved it and said he thought my body hair was very sexy. Can a guy still be alpha even if he is attracted to a hairy guy or am i just being dumb since im not used to that

You’re just being dumb. LOL

While I think that most Alphas prefer smooth-skinned faggots, there are some Alphas who definitely prefer masculine faggots. Why? Because the sight of a masculine male submitting to them is powerful and arousing. 

You’ve found the right Alpha! Stop overthinking it and serve!