Should an alpha pity his fags? It just seems like a lonely life. It seems like lots of work for very little pay off? Or am I just not looking past my dick?

Thank you Sir for this touching message!

I can totally understand why an Alpha might pity his faggots. Not just for the reason you mention, but also because a faggot cannot have the type of life an Alpha like you enjoys (or can enjoy whenever you want it). 

But here’s the problem – you’re looking at a faggot from the standpoint of an Alpha, a Man. You look at a faggot’s life and see loneliness or emptiness. However, when a faggot gets to serve a Man, there is a kind of peace and fulfillment that I’m not sure Men can understand. Beneath a Man’s shadow and under his command, we are safe. We are home. 

While you are pumping a faggot’s throat or pussy, you’re enjoying the sensations on your cock and gearing up to deliver your payload … but the faggot is being satisfied emotionally and spiritually. It is filled up with YOU, the center of its world. That is unspeakably profound, and almost indescribable.

If you feel pity, Sir, I would say that’s a natural and healthy emotion to have. But maybe pity the faggot the way you’d pity a dog left outside in a cold rainstorm. It’s shivering, afraid, exposed. 


Then you turn on the porchlight, open the back door, and let him in. And the dog is safe in your care once again.

Give that to your faggots, Sir. Then you will have no reason to pity them, because you will be the one who fulfills them.

Thank you, Sir!