I feel like I was born a millennium too late. Watching documentaries of how society used to be ordered with the powerful ruling over a village and protection the weak just feels so right. It sucks that I can’t fulfil my role as a guardian anymore. It sucks that I’m considered strange for thinking the tall one with a broad Skelton should protect the shorter one with a more slender Skelton. It also sucks that men can’t make a living with labor of crafts anymore. I wanna be outside doing something, not getting fat and brittle boned behind a desk. I want to be able to have a masculine space where I can’t be demonized for existing. No wonder guys kill themselves. It’s like being a caged animal. Give me a task not a stack of files. It’s just wrong that I can’t exercise my natural instincts to control and protect anymore. What happened to the days of learning a trade to support your family and feel fulfilled? Fuck feminists up the ass. They can suck a dick.


Wow, Sir … thank you for that! Pretty powerful stuff!

I understand your feelings about modern society and Masculinity. I’ve heard similar things from other Alphas. And from a faggot’s perspective, there is nothing we hate to see more than the erosion of the Masculine ideal. We want MORE real Men, not LESS!

Personally, I don’t think you should care what anybody else thinks about how you conduct yourself as a Man, an Alpha. The world is yours whether they accept it or not, Sir. 


Do whatever work suits you. Rape and pillage and conquer and subdue. Receive all of the worship you deserve. Sit on your throne and drink bottomless wine from golden goblets. Bask in the glory owed you since the day your superior life was conceived!

This is the challenge set before all Alphas, Sir: Will you conquer the world, or will you allow it to conquer you?

I know the answer a mighty warrior like you should give. Now go forth and make it happen!

Thank you, Sir!

P.S. I really think you should talk to a fellow Alpha Warrior, @natural-hung-bull. I’m just a faggot … but he’s an Alpha living his best life. He can relate better than I ever could.