When serving a Man and having infrequent access, how do you keep your head and emotions in check? Always keep in mind your cautionary tales of getting too attached or needy. Just want to be the best faggot I can be for him and not feel lonely.

Awwww good faggot brother! Your Master should be very proud to own you!!

One thing I’ve always done during lulls between service opportunities is to write down my feelings for him in poetry form or as diary-like entries. This keeps my mind focused on him and what he means to my life. 

I also like to come up with things I can give him as a form of “tribute” to him. Sometimes these were handcrafted items (like a handpainted frame with a poem I wrote in it), and other times they were little gifts I knew he liked or wanted. 

Downtime is a good opportunity to practice techniques in order to improve service.

And don’t forget friends and loved ones! You need to use your free time to become distracted by them!

I’m sure you can come up with things like these to tailor to your specific Alpha.

Again, I am very impressed, little fag brother! Your Alpha owns a spectacular faggot!