I have this DL masc fag that serves me and it cant seem to control its hunger for my cock. It tends to becoming very puppy like extremely hyper when it can either smell or see my crotch. I thought I’d invite it over to show it how to control this behavior by inviting a more controlled sub to blow me and help train it. Well turns out my fag attacked the other. Turned into a man and dominated this little fag. I’d never seen my fag behave as a man would until now. Interesting enough, when I stood up and spoke, I yelled its name and said “down!” in a tone that was very authoritative, one you would give a disobedient dog. My fag dropped to the floor, head bowed, as I tended to the other fag. and I noticed my fag just watching me waiting for a command. I’m not sure what made me speak to it this way but it was a bit empowering seeing this guy go from an unleashed beast to a controlled pup at the sound of my voice. What is that? Should I not mix my fag with others for their safety? Ideas?


Thank you, Sir!

I find it interesting that you went right to the “nuclear option” with this faggot, Sir. Bringing in another faggot to service you and forcing your current faggot to watch that is the toughest and most brutal form of punishment for a faggot.

Honestly, what is really wrong with owning a faggot that is absolutely IN THRALL to your cock and your Alpha presence, Sir? That you own a faggot that DEEPLY LOVES everything about you and worships you like its GOD? Is that really behavior that requires the NUCLEAR OPTION as punishment, Sir?

Regardless, your faggot reacted badly to this correction for sure. And you were right to put a swift end to it. And like you said, it’s empowering to know that just a command from you completely controls the actions (and life, really) of another human being. This is what true Alphahood looks like in practice, Sir. You should be proud of such power.

As for your question, here’s what I think, Sir – the nuclear option was too harsh of a punishment for the “crime” of adoring and worshiping your cock. Clearly, you have this faggot under your complete command. If there are behaviors that bother you, they could be corrected with a simple discussion or even a barked order. I think the nuclear option is best used when a faggot thinks too highly of itself or is becoming unruly and disobedient.

I think you own a good faggot, one worthy of an Alpha like you, Sir. I really appreciate the fact that you’re considering this issue deeply and seriously. Wise Alphas like you are a pleasure to serve!

Thank you, Sir!