My son came out to me – I always knew the kid was a faggot but I guess he finally got the balls to admit it since he moved out for college. He’ll be coming back home for the holidays and summer break and I want to introduce him to a buddy of mine from work. He’s gay but you’d never guess it – a mechanic and former marine who likes them young. Knowing how I was at 19 the boy needs a strong hand to tell him what to do. They’ll both thank me later but how can I get this going in the meantime?

Thank you Sir! This is … one of the most remarkable questions this blog has ever received in more than four years. I’m really stunned speechless, and that isn’t easy to accomplish!

I think it’s interesting that you always knew your son was a faggot. You don’t mention this, but did your son actually tell you that he’s a FAGGOT, or that he’s gay (or a gay bottom)? I guess I’m just curious about how your son approached his revelation to you, Sir.

Regardless, it’s incredible to me that your first instinct was to offer your son up to a gay Alpha co-worker as a sacrifice to this Alpha’s primal hunger and desires. Also, the fact that, as a Man, you recognized the need of a “strong hand” on your son in order to guide him, even if that means your son must be a servant of the needs of an Alpha Male. 

This is all Hierarchical. You are responding to your son’s revelation Hierarchically, accepting the truth of your son’s role within it and what is required to make him a useful part within it. I find that inspirational. 

I often use the phrase “Hierarchy Is Truth.” You are proof of that, Sir.

So now to your question. You sound relatively close to this gay co-worker Alpha, Sir. I think you should approach him and ask him if he currently owns any faggots (yes, be that blunt, Sir). Ask him if he’d be interested in having a new faggot slave/servant. Then tell him you know of a young faggot in need of a good Alpha like him to serve. Then tell him this faggot is your son. 

This Alpha might balk at first, Sir, but don’t let him off the mat. Hierarchically-speaking, you are at least equal to this co-worker; you have the right to speak plainly and forcefully to him. 

If this gay Alpha feels comfortable with your blessing, he can take your son at the next opportunity you give him. As a faggot, you know your son doesn’t have much of a choice. All you really need to do is build an understanding between you and the Alpha, and Nature will take its course from there.

I sincerely hope you keep me informed as this process continues, Sir. Feel free to contact me here, or at

Thank you, Sir!