I appreciate the advice you gave me for my son. I met with my buddy and he’s on board to take control. He says he knows exactly what my boy needs: a disciplinarian to get him into peak physical condition, lock him in chastity, and teach him vocational skills. We both agree that while I accept my son’s sexuality and effeminate nature, he isn’t getting any younger and can’t survive on boyish charm alone. We’re planning a trip for next month where they’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted!

This is a follow-up to this stunning question from an Alpha father looking to initiate his faggot son into service to other Alphas. Click here to read that!

Sir, thank you so much for following up on your original ask! I must admit that your proposal has been tumbling around in my head ever since I first read it. Far too often I never hear back from people with intriguing situations, and I’m left hanging. I thank you, Sir, for keeping me up-to-speed on your fascinating problem!

I am so glad that this gay Alpha co-worker immediately understood his role and accepted such an assignment. I firmly believe this is exactly the kind of thing that should happen more often in human society. Alphas have a tremendous responsibility to each other and to the Hierarchy in general. What you and your Alpha co-worker are doing powerfully reinforces Masculine ideals and roles. Men like you are sustaining one of the oldest and most intrinsic dynamics in Male relationships! So important!

I think this gay Alpha’s plan is exceptional, Sir. The training aspect is a very good idea (you never mentioned anything about your son’s physical conditioning), but chastity is a masterstroke (pun intended). Chastity will absolutely change your son and help him accept the truth of his existence.

My question: are you prepared for this gay Alpha to take your son sexually the way your son needs to be taken? To be used the way your son needs to be used? This might be something you’ll need to confront at some point, and I wanted to breach the subject ahead of time. I hope you’ll be okay, Sir.

Overall, Sir, I am SO IMPRESSED by you and this gay Alpha! Men like you both make me grateful to be a faggot and serve! Your power and strength inspires me and makes me feel complete. Your son will hopefully come to find that same peace once he is trained!

To that end, I encourage you to send your son my website or my email address (fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com)  at some point if you think he could use a fellow faggot’s advice.

Again, Sir, thank you for your wisdom and strength! I hope to hear from you soon!

– sam the faggot