I once went home with a guy from Idaho. He sort of claimed me at a bar one night. But at the time I didnt know he was an alpha, but more importantly that I was a fag. It was years ago, but I remember it fondly. I would show up at his house late on Saturday nights after the bars closed. He would still take me to bed but then set me on the stoop like at the end of the Flintstones. I now know he wanted more. He wanted a “belonging”. And I was naive. Oh well. Timing and a learning curve feature too.

These roles are so natural, so intrinsic to the human experience that we often can’t comprehend what we are even when we are falling into them. I know that my indoctrination happened so quickly and so aggressively that I was almost stunned by it. Fortunately my first Alpha made it very clear that I was a faggot and meant to serve him, so I was able to make the most of the experience as it was happening. Others like you have it sneak up on you, and you only recognize it for what it was after the fact.

This Alpha definitely owned you, and wanted to probably take that ownership farther. It would’ve been interesting to see where that could’ve gone! You don’t mention how or why this situation ended … but I’m glad it seemed to end in good memories!