I fucked a guy two weeks ago for the first time in my life and I had the best orgasm ever it was unbelievable. I had fucked many girls before but it was never this intense! I felt like an animal! No sweet talk no begging no emotional maneuvering! The second I walked into the room the fag groveled and kissed my feet. I immediately got a boner my god it was glorious! I never knew fucking guys could be so good! I’m definitely doing it again!


Faggots all around the world are reading your words with me and swooning, Sir! It is incredible to me every time a straight Alpha like you experiences the service of faggots. Invariably, straight Men are STUNNED at how complete they feel as Men after expressing this animal side of their sexuality. 

Question – what do you call a Man who is worshiped by both males and females?


That is what you became once you took this faggot and claimed it as your latest kill. Somewhere that faggot still feels the tingle of having your cock inside of it, still tastes your cock on its tongue, and still feeling the cum you pumped inside of it entering the bloodstream and altering its mind. It’s developing a craving only for you, its Owner. 

Imagine this – that faggot is now the latest trophy in celebration of your Alphahood! You are a conquering King, Sir! 

Thank you so much for writing to me, Sir. I’d love to hear more about you if possible. You can always reach me at fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com, or normalsubmissive on KIK, or just DM me here.