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This story floored me the first time I read anything from my faggot brother Dalton about his long-time friend, an Apex Alpha named Caleb. In the week or more since we began corresponding, I’ve learned so much about Dalton’s faithful service to this catastrophically-powerful straight God-Man who rapes him every chance he gets.

In tone and substance, this story is as close to the legendary stories from 2018 about Frat Fag and his fraternity brother Duke as I’ve ever known. Like Duke, Caleb is a pure straight Alpha who absolutely loves to pound faggot pussy like it’s not even attached to a human.

My brother Dalton introduced me to this situation this way:

I recently started college.  I really miss the alpha I served for years. He went to a trade school. He was my first and only alpha and I was used to doing anything he wanted sexually no matter how crazy it was.  The muscle guy in the stairwell actually reminded me of him, just the attitude. 

I wish I could talk about some of the things I did for him. He also knew that I kept my window unlocked at home if he wanted to sneak in.  Or most of the time he would text me and I would have to sneak out or invent an excuse to go to him.   I have some great memories there.  He was not my boyfriend, we had different friends, but our relationship was friendly and fun. I still miss him but I’m hundreds of miles away now.  

That’s the first problem. I started dating a guy here because I had never had a real boyfriend.  But I can’t get into it.  I just want to be used and serve.  I don’t have bad self-esteem or a low opinion of myself. I knew I wasn’t like my alpha and didn’t care. If anything those years caused me to have great self-esteem because my alpha genuinely enjoyed and bragged to me about my cocksucking, my hole tightness, and my overall freakiness. My current bf tries to suck my dick and I can’t even enjoy it. He’s a good guy.  I’m just trying to tell him that I’m learning to be a boyfriend. 

The truth is I want my alpha back or another one like him.  I would never tell my bf about my alpha.  He would feel so insecure knowing all of that.  

Can you feel it? Dalton tap-dances around the subject of this mysterious, unnamed “Alpha” like someone trying to come up with the words to describe a bloody massacre.

So I pressed for more details.

I grew up in a small town in Idaho.  I met Caleb (the alpha) when we were kids.  There was only one elementary school.  We developed different interests around 11 or 12. He was super athletic. 
We all went to the same church – I know try not to laugh.

I got the first erection I remember in front of him.  He was no longer wearing pajamas or boy stuff and was just sleeping in boxers.  Somehow he just knew he had me hooked.  He had already been touching himself.  He told me to touch his dick. Then he told me to stroke it and I saw my first orgasm.  I was scared shitless by what I saw. 

I kept asking him to let me do it again.  I started watching porn and saw guys sucking dick.  I knew I wanted to do that to him.  He had already gotten some girl to give him head. I was so nervous to ask but he already knew he wanted it anyway. It was the first of many times he just toyed with me and he loved it.

Over time I sucked his dick in several risky places.  I’ll skip where.  I also once saw a girl slide her hand into his pocket during class.  He had cut the pocket out and she jerked him off right there.  

He used to humiliate his opponents wrestling.  It was so deliberate.  He would do cradles on them to get a pin just because he knew it was the most painful thing he could do to them.  He would also do a takedown, release, and takedown again.  He fucked with lesser wrestlers so bad. I would go to matches and leak pre-cum from watching him.  He flexed for every victory.  I’d sweat through my t-shirt watching him. 

He grew a lot bigger and stronger.  He’s very rugged looking.  Eventually he got more aggressive. I’ll never forget the first time he just grabbed my head and throat fucked me. It was terrifying, fast, and painful.  He didn’t apologize or even seem to care at that point how he used me.  But when he wanted to try anal, he didn’t go to a girl.  He went to me.  

It took a few times to get this right.  He was so impatient when he was horny and he didn’t seem to understand that he couldn’t just shove his cock in dry.  But he’s one of those guys who believes that a girl gets wet solely based on how horny she is and how he handles them.  He believes it’s all because of his greatness.  

The first time he just used his cock as a weapon. It fucking hurt. The girth had filled in a lot more by then. It’s not like I had any experience getting fucked. I honestly tried to get him to reconsider at first.  We were close enough to do that.  He pulled my shorts and underwear down and kicked them away out of my reach.  I knew where to get lotion quickly and I tried to get as ready as I could.  Once he penetrated I thought I was going to get split in half.  He was forceful sometimes when I sucked his dick but this was a different type of animal. He knows he’s strong but he doesn’t know how much pain he inflicts.  I was scared I was going to either choke or get my neck broken. When he nut I thought for sure he was going to crack every rib in my body.

And afterward you would have thought we had just gone bungee jumping or something. His smile, laughter, and just good natured behavior while I was laying there trying to hold back tears was so distracting that I didn’t care as much about how bad it was.  It was must have been  very good for him. He was going on about how tight I felt and how hard he nut.  I could feel that trickling down my balls and inner thigh. It’s kinda gross but it hurt to use the bathroom after that.  I spent a day feeling like I had to pee all the time.  And I didn’t get to fully recover before he wanted it again.  

He was an asshole and he could have been a really bad one to me, but he wasn’t.  He didn’t have to be an asshole.  Nobody was a threat to him.  I don’t think he was intentionally that aggressive when he fucked, but no one had ever complained to him so he thought that was normal.  It was scary and painful but to see him afterward made it all worth it.   Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell.  It never felt like submission even though it was.  It wasn’t willing it just happened.

There was something vaguely humorous about this relationship between Dalton and his Apex Alpha Caleb. The way Dalton described it, I thought he sounded like he was annoyed by Dalton’s frequent raping of his holes. I wanted to know if he actually felt fond of those memories, or if they were painful.

I like writing more about him than me. I just wish he didn’t have to be so quiet about using faggots. He  gets that perk in life and he shouldn’t have to hide it.  

I only had to take one gym period in high school and thankfully not the one he was in.  I don’t think he wore a shirt from 1:30-3:00 p.m. for four years.  I couldn’t avoid the two years before that. Maybe 6 years. He KNEW he was better built and hotter.  I had my eyes on his pits too. They complemented everything else about him.   He wanted me to feel his body.  But he was laid back enough to laugh when I accidentally tickled him doing it.  I think that’s a good example of his personality. 

But he didn’t always hide it. At least not totally. 

I think one of my favorite memories – and there are many of them – was him coaxing a girl into getting naked for him on Snapchat or Insta.  He had texted me over to suck his cock for him but got sidetracked with her.  I just quietly did my thing while he prodded and charmed her out of her panties.  He motioned me out of the frame so he could show her his dick.  I had him maximally hard so he could show it off. I got to take some pics of him and I told him how to pose. She gave it up later.  I felt great because I helped him get a girl to take his cock for him. Had it been in person he would have gotten what he wanted way easier.   I think he enjoyed the challenge. She asked who took all those pics.  He told her some faggot at school did it for him.  I’m not sure if he said faggot but it’s not hard to imagine that he did. 

Anyway, for my efforts, he sent me this video file of him fucking the hell out of her. That was his alpha version of gratitude. I asked him if he meant to send it to me.  He said yes. I asked why. Because I know you’d want to watch it. And to be honest I found that a little moving. I got to see him in his element.  I doubt very seriously that he asked her permission to record let alone share. If he fucked her like he did me he probably would have killed her.  There was kissing here. He was a little gentler with her since it was a female.  But not much.   I know she felt that the next day.

Then Dalton sent me some pics of Caleb. HOLY FUCK. I’ve incorporated one of those pics into the graphic that opens this post. You can see the outrageous size of Alpha Caleb’s body. He’s essentially a corn-fed Midwestern Alpha, the kind of Apex Beast that lifts hay bales and tractors bare-handed and strictly practices a farm-style of animal husbandry.

But Dalton also sent face pics. So imagine young Matt Damon’s face on that body above; that’s a pretty good description of Alpha Caleb. He has the stocky square head of a pit bull, and clearly the fearless sex drive of one as well. He’s beyond breathtaking.

For the life of me I couldn’t understand the issue Dalton was having. I think every faggot on this planet and many others would murder their entire family just to lick the dirt upon which this mythic creature stepped.

So Dalton elaborated:

I’d say I’m still very owned even though we’re very far apart now.  He goes to a trade school closer to home and I go to a university.  We’re both 19 now.  I tell him when I’m coming home to visit.  He’s usually my first stop.  He’ll text and want to know if I’m busy.  He will interrogate too if he’s really horny.  After that it might be his shop where he works, his truck, his bedroom, my bedroom, the woods, etc.   

I don’t think he much cares about how rough he is sexually.  No one has ever told him to stop and the majority come back for more.  Usually if I suck his dick then he’s fine unless he’s in a hurry.  I learned quickly to finger my hole some before he fucked me though.   

When he refers to me as a faggot it’s almost a compliment.  I’m not part of the straight world he controls with that word. And he doesn’t hate me to use it as a slur.   

We grew apart from when we were little kids but I guess there’s still some warm feelings there.  But since a certain age it has never deviated from using me sexually or having me do his homework.  That’s the role I occupy for him.  I told him one time that deep down faggots wanted a guy like him to just use them.  That’s just me being honest with myself too.   

It’s complicated to describe him.  He is an asshole.  No doubt about that. But he’s a western country boy too.  He is warm to people in general as long as they stay in their right place.  

A lovely chill tingled down my spine with the words “as long as they stay in their right place”. That couldn’t be stated any more perfectly. It is the exact description of the attitude of most true Apex Alphas.

I was still worried about my brother’s tone, though. Especially since it sounded like Alpha Caleb was almost raping Dalton. I wanted to make sure he had the right viewpoint.

I was thinking about something I wrote you and thought I would elaborate.  Caleb wanted me to keep my window cracked at night so he could sneak over. I don’t think he had a license at that point so he would walk through the woods to where our house was.  This was cool early on.  I’m not complaining here except that he could have got caught.  He is kind of a thrill seeker.  

Three years ago he snuck in like usual.  He had already fucked me at this point but he wanted to fuck me right there.  My bedroom is only one floor above my parents and down the hall from my younger brother. I tried to argue because this was not a good time for that.  But you can never tell him no.  He picked up my dresser and moved it over the door.   I knew there was no way out.  

I tried to quickly find my jerk off lotion and get ready.  I was too focused on everything else to enjoy it.  I knew the bed would make too much noise.  So I got in the floor and laid lengthwise over my pillow.  I tried to quickly finger myself loose as much as I could.  He put his forearm around my neck and covered my mouth with his other hand. Occasionally I’d look at my closet mirror and there was enough light to watch it.   He does this thing where he smashes as far as he can inside because I guess it stimulates the head of his cock and stretches his cock out.  Getting pounded is easier because I can go numb.

But this was like having my entire pelvis cracked open and made me feel like I had to pee.  This usually put him over the edge to nut and I could feel his dick pulsate.  I can’t feel the cum but I can feel him doing it (and hear him of course).  This was one of the times I thought he would accidentally break my neck.   

And then it was over.  If it was like that then he wouldn’t say anything and just leave.  I’d usually get up and go shower for about 30 minutes to an hour and take some Advil. If I saw him the next day at school he was just his usual self. I helped (i.e. did) his homework.  His Mom worked until 7 pm. most days at a hospital so he’d freak when he had to dress up for something. It never failed the athletic teams had some kind of dinner or he had some kind of dance.  So I ended up ironing his clothes at my house and making him look presentable.  I’m kind of his jack of all faggot trades.  

I worried less after reading this. While it still sounded like Dalton’s encounters with his King Kong-like Apex Alpha Master were harrowing, I also thought that Dalton sounded contented with the role he plays as Alpha Caleb’s favorite fucktoy slave.

There are real straight Apex Alphas like Alpha Caleb out there among the rest of inferior humanity. They stalk the Earth, raping and pillaging at will. There is nobody to stop them. Missiles of judgement and condemnation bounce off of them like flicked cigarettes.

And we faggots would have it no other way!

I thank my brother Dalton for sharing his experiences with this force of Nature! May Alpha Caleb reign supreme forever!