The story about “Henry” and “Master Jake” has turned out to be a fake.

Here’s a letter I received today from the “Harry” email address created specifically for this charade:

Hi Sam

I am apologising for this fake story. This is a group of pals who set up a story from the wildest, wackiest and most disgusting fiction we could find online to check out the credibility of your sites and stories. I guess we got our answer but didn’t intent to destroy your site and relationship with your readers. Although we think you need more thorough vetting in future, we only think it fair to confirm that this is fake so you have opportunity to remove this fake news from your website and restore your credibility.

We really don’t think this horrific character should be promoted and used as an example.


I’m grateful that this person (finally) came clean. After the reaction of “Master Jake” I really dug in my heels on the story. I did that out of concern for the safety of “Henry.”

In the back of my mind I’ve been expecting someone to try a scam like this on me given some of the outlandish true stories I’ve covered. But the point is taken.

I just want to be clear about this: I run this site as an educational beacon. I don’t give a fuck about web hits or site traffic. This site COSTS ME MONEY, it doesn’t earn me money. I’m not living off of the profits from FWA because there are none.

And even though it costs me money, that’s not even the real expense. The real cost is my TIME. I work very hard on the site and spend countless hours on each story, each email, each DM. This ultimately fake story involved many wasted hours of emails from me as I tried my best to guide this fake person and help him. That’s all I was trying to do. That’s all I’m ever trying to do.

I don’t know the answer to the problem. I feel the site does too much good to simply pull it down and end it.

But I can’t waste my precious time anymore, either. I didn’t miraculously survive cancer so I can waste valuable hours of my extra life chasing fake characters invented to humiliate me. I’m a faggot. That’s humiliation enough.

So I’m going to let this marinate for a while. I have other, more profitable things I’m building, and they deserve my time more than this does now.

~ sam