I don’t do this very often, but a faggot wrote to the site about his Alpha from years ago and hoped that I would publish it. The faggot hopes this Alpha named Scott Dobbins will run across it and reach back out.

Sam, you’ve written that once an alpha cunts you, you are imprinted, in a sense forever owned by that Alpha. My first boyfriend when I was in college was such an alpha. All these years later I still jerk off to him. Still replay the times he cunted me, that I licked his ass, that I swallowed his load, was held in his arms, his pure alpha scent making me swoon and feel protected and safe. At the time I only knew he was the top and I was the bottom and other than that I thought we were equal. Had I realized what I now know, thanks in great part to you and your site – I would have rightly taken my place and behaved accordingly as his sub/fag/twink/boiwife — Worshipping him and serving him as the king he is — and perhaps, just perhaps we might still be together. I feel compelled to offer his name – as a tribute, if that is OK. It seems fitting. He has had many after me, and perhaps has never given me another thought — but there is only one of him – Scott Dobbins. If I told him today that I still jerk off to him he would say “Of course you do” so confident he was in not only his sexual prowess, but in his sexual appeal. When we were together he used to say matter of factly about his conquests “Once I fuck them, they have love in their eyes.” It was true, nobody he bedded came away not in love or at least in lust for him. I don’t know what he is like today as an older man or what he is up to but I imagine he is still the sexually compelling alpha that subs/twinks/fags swoon over. I’ve found over the years that there aren’t many true “real men” and he is one of them, a man so naturally and completely masculine it would make you swoon, your knees buckle, compel you to worship.

This is why it’s so important to SUBMIT COMPLETELY to an Alpha when he’s there with you. Once he gets away, it’s hard to correct the problem.


But there was a comment from an Alpha named “fin” to the original posting above with which I don’t entirely disagree.

this is the problem with you faggots, you fantasize and play with your clit and do nothing to make your purpose real. You still crave this alpha? Find him, faggot. And when you do get down on your hands and knees and bow down to him in front of his door or in his driveway, so when he comes out he finds you there like that prostate, No alpha would not get off on that big time, even if he is done using you in the way you wish. You will be set free by this – having expressed yourself and made tribute to his superiority. Even if this Scott Dobbins is with another sub/fag, his fag will understand your act, and appreciate you as its fag brother in mutual worship of Scott. So take your hand of your clit and Google him — everyone is findable these days. Good luck faggot.

Instead of whining about it (or asking me to post what is essentially a Craigslist ad on my site), TAKE ACTION as fin suggests!