This thread follows the adventures of Chad, an older faggot who continues to faithfully serve. CLICK HERE to follow the posts in this inspirational story in chronological order!

From time to time I receive messages from older faggots who are depressed because they feel they cannot be useful to Men anymore. Age takes a toll physically, of course, and Men are famously fickle and superficial about appearances.

However, to older faggots, I ask this: are Men really holding you back, or are you limiting yourself due to insecurities you might have as an older faggot?

More often than not, it’s the latter issue. Emotionally I understand it, but I’m here to tell you that you’re needlessly burdening yourself with shame. Many older faggots are discovering this truth: Men care about worship and service more than they care about looks.

I’ve recently befriended an older faggot named Chad. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Chad on Skype video, and while I don’t recall ever hearing his age, I’d place him in his fifties. He’s trim and neat in appearance.

But, most importantly, Chad has a worshipful attitude and a desire to serve.

Recently Chad has made up his mind to overcome his insecurities and find an Alpha to serve. And, after a bit of searching, he found a young god looking for worship!

Here’s what Chad wrote to me:

Wanted to share with you my day yesterday. Even though I am serving in my 2 jobs and family affairs everyday, i have not had the time to actually serve an alpha. Am trying to find someone local to serve on a regular basis.

There is an ALPHA who had messaged me and I told him i would contact him when i had time. Yesterday i was able to go over to his house to serve and it was a wonderful day.

i made HIM a batch of chocolate chip cookies to give HIM upon my arrival. Then I cleaned HIS house for about 3 hours and served HIM lunch while HE worked. i was then under HIS ž table in my underwear for about 3 hours, massaging HIS feet, sucking and licking HIS toes, and then caressing to almost edging HIS thighs, penis, balls and ass.

It was amazing and i have not felt this relaxed or safe in a while. my goal is to make time to serve regularly because it makes me feel so good and it is how i wish to spend my time.


Think about this: what did age mean in this situation Chad described? NOTHING. If anything, Chad’s age ENHANCED the experience for the younger Alpha because Alphas love to see older faggots submit to them.

But Chad simply led with an open heart full of respect and worshipful gratitude, and nature takes care of the rest.

If Chad can do it, then so can any older faggot out there reading this!

In terms of Hierarchy, advancing age is almost a benefit. Older Alphas enjoy Daddy status among all of the young slutty faggots. And older faggots have the seasoning and the finances to really enhance a younger Alpha’s life.

So don’t give up as you get older, brothers. As long as there is life, there is service … and with it, the fulfillment Chad enjoys today!