I get questions all the time from faggots who complain that “there are no Alphas to serve.” It’s horseshit, of course. Alphas are everywhere IF YOU ARE LOOKING and YOU MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE.

This short experience from @matpaz on the FWA Discord server illustrates my point.

I’ll let him tell it:

Hey sissies, I often get asked how a fag can serve alphas on a day to day context and yesterday something happened to me and it demonstrates how some fags thrive in knowing their place in this hierarchy so I’m gonna share with you.

I was coming back from my girlfriend’s place who lives in a city outside of Montreal Island but still connected to the metro system. As I was about to get in the station I realized I forgot my metro card. Automatically and instinctively a fag appeared and paid for my ticket. He was so happy and in ecstasy for just being useful to an alpha that he couldn’t even speak properly lol… I laughed slightly, looked at him and saw that he knew he was a fag and that he was doing that to demonstrate his servitude. I took the ticket from his hands and came home.

It’s such a simple, brief, and humble act on the part of this nameless faggot, but it was deeply meaningful for both Sir Matpaz and the faggot!

And also fulfilling. Said Sir Matpaz in conclusion:

My day was better not because of a stupid metro ticket. But just the small act of servitude at that fag face, in a random place, just shows how the hierarchy is getting more well defined to more people. We are getting closer to a life where fags can serve us 100% like eunuchs again!


Small acts of service can lead to more substantial opportunities for service! It’s a process!