I was enraged this morning by an incredibly stupid post written by @alpha4goodboi. His “advice” (full post here) was simple: a top shouldn’t fuck a bottom who insists that the top wears a condom because the bottom doesn’t trust the top enough.

This was my initial reply:

As @thecollegecumdump said, a deep connection happens when a Man
ejaculates into a bottom. The Man’s semen contains potent chemicals that
help “claim” the bottom and increase his subservience.

However, @alpha4goodboi
makes a claim that a bottom prefers to use condoms “solely based on
fear and brainwashing from their environment” as if using condoms is
necessarily a bad thing.

This is an incredibly thoughtless and irresponsible comment on a public forum.

very easy for a Man to say something like this since he isn’t the one
taking a load up his ass. For bottoms, there is a very real threat of
multiple nasty diseases, some fatal. This threat isn’t some imaginary
horror story conjured by “evil society” to scare people. No, these
diseases really exist and continue to wreak havoc in many societies,
costing millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

offense, but bottoms don’t need medical advice from any Man who is
unwilling to take a load up his own ass. A Man telling a bottom they
should let go of their fear and bareback carries almost no risk for the
Man, but it could be life or death for the bottom.

A foolish and embarrassing comment from a Man who should know better.

But I want to add this: the CDC has estimated that there could be hundreds of thousands of undiagnosed HIV infections out in the general populace. One of these infected persons could someday be mounting a fag’s ass and insisting on “trust” before fucking the fag bareback.

Trust is a wonderful thing, but it’s incredibly difficult to reduce the risk so that both partners can be intimate without concern.

When we talk about Men using fags, we need to remember that, in many cases, these Men are out also fucking other women and other fags. And Men need to keep in mind that fags are largely promiscuous, too. Trust is nice to have, but a realistic view of the situation is much more important.

I know many of these Tumblr blogs like to push the extreme fantasy elements of the Alpha/fag dynamic. Hell, it turns me on, too. But I have actually devoted my life to the service of Alphas – no, this is not a fantasy for me – and with that devotion comes a measure of responsibility. I cannot stand by and let someone (even an Alpha) make ridiculous and dangerous public statements that could influence someone to make poor, possibly life-altering choices.

I wouldn’t be a good fag if I didn’t do the right thing first.