This thread follows Jamie, a faggot who began service to a straight Alpha named Dino that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

One of my favorite true accounts of 2021 (so far) came from the great Apex Alpha God Dino (of course) as he told the story of revealing the truth of faggot service to his Alpha son Chad. Bracingly honest and brutally raw, Master Dino could barely contain his glee in bragging about the new power of his blossoming Alpha son.

Alpha pride is so beautiful to witness as a faggot, especially when it’s expressed among other Alphas. They are absolutely a fraternity, a brotherhood. Imagine an immense table with Alphas seated together and enjoying fellowship; faggots like me sit at the children’s table, ignored and offered scraps from their feast. I am not welcome into their club unless I am of service. That’s the way it’s always been, and always should be. Now take that kind of Alpha pride and apply it to the connection of an Alpha father and his Alpha son! It’s even more powerful!

When a faggot starts serving a father and son Alpha pair, it can be especially challenging. Alpha fathers and sons are highly competitive – even more than Alpha brothers or friends – and this oneupmanship rapidly intensifies. Then mix in Master Dino’s overwhelming dominance and personality, and you can only imagine the difficulty level of service is dialed all the way up.

Fortunately, Jamie – Master Dino’s fag wife – is an exceptional faggot.

Jamie wrote to me to update his service to Masters Dino and Chad, and it is just as stunning as you might expect.

Hey sam. i mentioned wanting some of the merchandise you have for sale to Daddy and he gave me permission to do what he is too busy to do–which is to let you know how things are going. I’d much rather He bring you up to date as He is much better with, hell with EVERYTHING, than i. Lol Man, these last weeks–well i may be exhausted but there’s never been a happier faggot. i consider myself blessed to belong to Daddy, there’s never been a God/Master/Husband/Daddy who can top Him. Now, imagine having a teenage version of that Deity. It is nirvana. A lot of the time the two are like mischievous brothers. They play games, which can fuck my mouth or pussy the longest without cumming or who can cum more times in a day.

But it’s not all fun, Daddy is as amazing an instructor as He is an Alpha. Chad is definitely learning. They love being kings and i love being their slave. brother sam, I’m getting 5, 6, and more cum loads per day! (one day they pumped 19 loads into me. i’ve never been happier or felt more fulfilled.) Man, among other things i am so proud, so honored to be the cumhole of Master AND to be allowed to show Chad the kind of faggot He can possess in the future. After Daddy explained ‘cunting the fag’ to Him Chad gave me a ROUGH fucking night but he did it. Strange as it may sound, i have discovered some maternal feelings for Him. His future faggots will not only have to be all He needs but will have to get my approval. (The two Masters decreed that) 

Now, while all this is happening i must admit my housekeeping has suffered but thank goodness Daddy understands that while training His son it must be so. At least 6 hours or more is devoted to sex with one or both of these stallions each day. But as long as i cook, do laundry, and then return to my place at the feet of these God-like Men and of course remain their sexual slave, they are pleased. And so am i. No one could wipe the smile from my face if they tried. i’m getting SO much Alpha cum blasted into me daily that i might squish as i walk. Lol But–fuck, I feel ALIVE! The more Alpha cum inside me, the better i am for it.

i know Daddy will give you a much more interesting perspective when He has more time and I’ll show Him this before i send it. See ya later brother. faggot jamie 

Imagine that – 19 Alpha loads in one day! The power of even one Alpha load is incalculable, but 19 such loads is head-spinning!

But you can hear the complete bliss in Jamie’s exhausted words, can’t you? He’s working harder than he ever has before, but the work is so fulfilling and joyful that he is practically floating on air! It’s like when we work very hard on a project to the point of daily exhaustion, but at the end of it we feel no pain, just elation.

It’s also exciting to hear about a plan for Jamie to service all of Master Dino’s Alpha sons as they come of age! It’s almost like an in-house Alpha training camp!

I honestly cannot wait to hear from Master Dino. His pride must be incredibly electric right now!