This thread follows the story of a faggot named Shane. He’s a young, inexperienced faggot who has found a new, intriguing Alpha to serve. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

I think every faggot enters into its first few service opportunities with wide eyes and hopes of love. It’s easy to fall for that dream. When we find ourselves in the presence of overwhelmingly powerful Alpha Males and our fantasies instantly sway toward love and romance. It’s difficult to control those feelings.

This is why I so often caution faggots to control their emotions when serving Alphas. It can lead to such devastating heartbreak when the Alpha moves on or changes the nature of the dynamic. I’ve felt that crushing experience in my life, and I’ve counseled countless faggots through heartbreaks of their own.

But every so often, a wonderful thing happens.

When I first met Shane, he had a concern about a new Alpha with whom he went out on a “date.”

I met this guy (named Isaiah), he is literally perfect. Like 100% perfect. I went on a date with him last night, and it ended up with him rubbing my thigh and us kissing. He’d be the perfect boyfriend, but he revealed to me this morning that he has two other guys that are subs to him. What should I do? Go for boyfriend, or go into the pack?

I loved this opening statement from Shane for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s hopeful and sweet. But, more importantly, Shane here demonstrates humility and an understanding of his place. He recognizes the superiority of Alpha Isaiah, and is willing to submit to the humiliation of being in a faggot stable in order to serve this Man.

Then they had a further conversation about what was developing between them, and it added more confusion to the mix:

Alpha Isaiah told me he likes me, that he wants me to be “a man in my life.” I asked him if he wanted me to be different from his other faggots, and he told me he wants me to be both … but how does that work?

I explained to Shane that Alpha Isaiah was telling him these things to gauge his reaction to the idea. But Shane was already ahead of me on that.

I told him I was completely fine with it. That he could have as many faggots as he wanted.

Master Isaiah decided to test his new faggot’s resolve in this matter by immediately introducing Shane to his two current faggots! This was a bold and extremely clever move akin to throwing a hesitant child into a pool to make it learn to swim. Shane felt the meeting went as well as possible, although he noted that the oldest-tenured faggot was distinctly cold toward him.

Then Master Isaiah allowed Shane to sleep over! And instead of fucking, Master Isaiah held Shane all night and kissed him repeatedly. This blew my mind. I’m simply not familiar with an Alpha who prioritizes emotional interactions over sexual ones.

Afterward Master Isaiah sent the following text message: “You’re not going to be jealous, are you? The other boys are just toys to me. You’re more than that. I have actual feelings for you.”

After this, Master Isaiah asked Shane to be his boyfriend! And of course, Shane enthusiastically agreed!

But then, Master Isaiah performed another test. He Facetimed Shane and had Shane watch him piss on and use one of his two faggots. The faggot paid Master Isaiah $3,000 for that privilege.

I had to talk Shane through his feelings of anxiety and fear at the sight of this. I reassured Shane that Master Isaiah wants to see if he can really handle being the boyfriend/faggot of an Alpha who will be owning and using other faggots. It was a difficult test, but Shane passed.

To reward his new faggot boyfriend, Master Isaiah purchased $6,000 worth of equipment, including a dog kennel and various BDSM-related items. Master Isaiah’s plan seems to be to bring his faggots in-house to serve him and his new fag boyfriend.

Extraordinary situations like this one do happen, but they’re rare. It’s not something any faggot should expect from any Alpha they serve. But when it does happen, it’s magical.