I’ve long said that Alphas are born, not made (unsurprisingly, I say the same about faggots). I’ve seen and experienced too much of the power of these human gods to think any other way.

Ask a true faggot to read the above testimony from @thesilentalpha, and it will instantly recognize the basic truth in it. The way Alphas effortlessly capture a room, the way they speak, the way their scent causes chemical reactions in those around them.

Alphahood is a gift, a power bequeathed to select Men by Nature. The effect of their Alphahood on others over their lives conditions them to expect worship, priming a feedback loop of worship that powers their entire life.

It’s magic.

Alphahood isn’t pseudoscience. It’s not theoretical or abstract.

It’s flesh and bone, sweat and scent, quickened heartbeats, heavy breaths, tenderness and power and the penetration of body and mind.

It’s primal. It’s animal. It’s real.

To my Alphas, I implore you: DON’T WASTE IT by trying to live an ordinary life!