I understand the frustrations of many faggots out there. You desperately want to serve Alphas but you have two problems:

1. You’re to afraid to approach Alphas in real life.

2. You aren’t wealthy.

Seemingly without an avenue available to serve, you shrink back and resign yourself to unrealized dreams.

But it doesn’t need to be this way! Silent service could be a way to find fulfillment!

The great Alpha Max Potter, inspired by a post here, crafted a marvelous article on this subject with the help of a faggot named Chad.

Read on:

A fag is to serve. However, as a fag you might not have been able to find an Alpha for your devotion. This leaves you at a loss. But the world is full of men who deserve service. As a fag you should keep your eyes open for opportunities to serve silently, discreetly, even unnoticed.

“Silent Service” is the service a fag performs to better the life of any Alpha, of all Alphas without even trying to draw attention. It could be something as simple as one of the duties Chad does, emptying the trash at the gym owned by an Alpha. It is a service that is never asked for but makes the Alpha gym-owner’s life easier. Chad started this shortly after beginning to attend the gym and receiving personal training from this fit Alpha. Chad was driven by a desire for a service he could perform and began with the trash. Chad is comfortable with his place in the hierarchy and what he does is in full view of everyone. It is irrelevant if the Alpha knows that he has received service. What matters is that he has received service.

Service to an Alpha is not about you, the fag. It is not about getting credit or notice. The fag’s reward is the fact an Alpha’s life has been made easier or better. Chad makes sure certain co-workers with very intensive duties have everything they need or want, You can do the same thing. What Alphas are around you? What can you do to make things even a little bit better? Can you take on a late shift so he can enjoy his evening? Cover for him if he takes a longer lunch? Tidy up the locker room?

Some Alphas will notice, no matter how subtle you are. He will notice his sidewalk has been swept. The Alpha might never mention the service.  Instead, he might choose to subtly give you more tasks. Let’s say you roll his trash to the curb for pick-up. Recyclables might then appear that need to be sorted and taken with the trash for pick-up.  Do it.  Or, perhaps the Alpha will indeed acknowledge what you are doing for him. What you do for the Alpha is more important than whether or not it leads you to his dick. If the Alpha chooses to let you at his dick, the Fag should be extra grateful to have done the work and gotten the opportunity to provide this additional service.  

Chad describes this as a “dance”, the fag serves the Alpha while the Alpha accepts and acknowledges the service but possibly without coming out and saying it outright. Telling the fag the Alpha is happy to see him, saying “you spoil me”, or anything like that is a vanilla way of saying “Good Boy”. Listen for these clues hinting that the Alpha likes the attention.

Let us take a model conversation to see how a fag can respond and open the door for more service:

Alpha: “Oh hey, thanks for taking my trash down.”

Fag: “Happy to help out Sir, took mine at the same time. I notice your lawn needs raking. I’ve always found raking relaxing. I can let my mind wander. May I do yours once I finish mine?”

Let’s break down that exchange a bit. The Alpha give a casual thanks to the fag. Being thanked is common in regular society, and the Alpha is using that. He also implies it was a simple task because it is not unexpected that one neighbor would do that for another. The Alpha has acted in a way that is polite to a non-fag neighbor. This is your opportunity to show that you are ready to do more.

The fag’s response in this example does a number of things. First, the fag starts out expressing his joy at serving, using the everyday phrase, “Happy to help”. “Sir” is included to indicate that the fag is adopting a subservient position. Let the Alpha know you know he is an Alpha. Next, the fag points out another service he could perform. This service (‘raking the yard’) is obvious to anyone, even those who have not been keenly observing the Alpha as the fag has been.

The fag must offer to perform the service in a subtle way that makes the Alpha’s potential relationship to the fag inconspicuous to society. Until an Alpha/fag relationship is established, an Alpha will often treat offers of service from a fag like he would a vanilla person. Part of a fag’s job is to make it easier on the Alpha to accept service in a comfortable, easy way. Here, the fag treats raking the Alpha’s yard as a favor to the fag, which it is.

You want to seduce the Alpha to accept your service. Later, he may decide to use you for other things, but at the start you want to serve him. It is his choice what he wants to have you do for him, and it is your job to make yourself available no matter what that happens to be. 

Fags must perform all services to a very high standard. The fag should prioritize the service to the new Alpha to show his enthusiasm. Having done any task, the fag has proven his willingness to serve and can request (or be assigned) more tasks. The initial Silent Service can lead to much more. The better a job you do for the Alpha, the more likely he’ll have you do more.

One thing to look out for when you offer service are the surroundings. Not all fags can be as forward as site-host Sam. If you work with an Alpha, where assisting or taking on duties is acceptable, offering sexual service in or out of the workplace could be a problem with HR. Offer services that are appropriate for the setting. Don’t put on a show (“Girl, can I get you coke?”) Look for the best time for the Alpha to receive your offer, and what you have to offer. A blow job offered in front of his buddies is not the way to go, but offering to put up weights after he does a heavy set is.

Service is very fulfilling. If you do not have an Alpha to service, you can service all Alphas by doing things for all of them. Choose your service wisely, do not look to be noticed, and when you have the opportunity to offer more, do it in a way that is most pleasing and convenient for the Alpha. It’s all about the Alpha, every bit of it. Do it for all the Alphas. 

How encouraging is that?

It’s so easy for faggots to become discouraged or downhearted when they hear crazy success stories of other faggots, or read comments like this braggadocios one left on this site in the last day from a wealthy faggot:

Yup. I am a very wealthy, successful fag. This is one reason the whole “you’re worthless” thing that some second-rate doms say rings false to me. I’m not worthless. I contribute a hell of a lot to society: I’m pretty sure that, without my work, my community would be a much sadder place. Which makes it all the more meaningful when I get on my knees and serve an alpha male. What kind of tribute is it, to have a worthless piece of crap serve you? None at all. What kind of tribute is it to have a well-respected and successful man serve you? A big one! So I work to be successful in my career and valuable to my community so I can also be meaningfully submissive to alpha males. Service isn’t just sucking dicks and doing laundry.

This faggot (who doesn’t support this site, BTW) doesn’t get the true meaning of service. It uses the term “meaningfully submissive” as a classist term in order to set its extravagant form of service above the service of poorer faggots.

I tell you that a faggot who serves silently simply for the joy of being useful to Alphas is richer in spirit and more fully embodies the spirit of Hierarchy!

So seek out simple ways to improve the lives of superior Men every day! Even if he doesn’t acknowledge the act, the knowledge that you contributed will fill your heart with purpose!