Longtime readers of this site will remember Sir Max, the Alpha writer who examines Hierarchy from the Alpha perspective. He’s like the Yin to my Yang, if you will. I’ve always appreciated his advice and little bits of wisdom he often sprinkles around on this site.

He is working on an article about the faggot need for domestic service. As you all know, I adore domestic service. I think it rivals sexual service in terms of emotional satisfaction.

He wanted me to ask my readership for their opinions on this subject. Below are his questions:

  1. What draws you to domestic service?
  2. How do you feel providing domestic service? Useful, humiliated, happy to be of assistance? Something else?
  3. Do you look forward to your time service? Are you satisfied afterwards?
  4. How do you locate men to provide domestic service for?
  5. Do the men you serve want you naked or in some uniform? Do others observe/Interact?
  6. What chores are you typically assigned?
  7. Is there a sexual component to your domestic service? Do you wish there was or was not?
  8. Do you seek or search for straight, gay, or bi men to serve? Why?

If you’d like to make your opinions a part of his study, fill these out and send your answers to him at maxrpotter@gmail.com or below in the comments.