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Part of what excites me about young Alphas learning to use the muscles of their Alphahood is their sense of wonder about their newfound power. It’s a bit like watching Superman first realize he can fly or pick up Pa Kent’s truck. They begin to realize that literally anything is possible, and it both frightens and excites them.

They also begin to question the mechanics of their power, its boundaries and moral implications. That’s no more clearly shown than in the question young Sir Willam asked me last night.

What makes faggot rape so appealing? Is it making someone powerless to oppose you? Seeing the fight go out in their eyes as you cunt them? Or the thrill of the “taboo”?

Great question! I answered him this way:

Well, rape is an interesting and complicated topic within Hierarchy. It definitely appeals to both Alphas and faggots alike, but obviously for different reasons.

Alphas (and lesser males as well) have a natural urge to rape. It is pure animal instinct, a power move unlike any other. Most males won’t admit this openly, but their blood pumps faster when they think about grabbing whatever they want, holding it down, penetrating it forcefully, and breeding it against its will.

Alphas have the most powerful hunting instincts in the animal kingdom and are its most dangerous predators. And just like any animal predator, Alphas like to hunt, capture, and “kill” their prey forcefully. It’s an act of power.

Now, faggots like the idea of being raped because we feed off of the power of Alpha males. We want to be forced and taken by the power of Men. And honestly, faggots exist in part to take all of the rage and force of the Alpha sex drive.

I hope that answers your question, Master.

Why did I answer him this way? Because I wanted him to understand that the rape urge is a natural extension of Alpha power. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to rape. It’s simply giving him permission to work through his feelings safely and without self-loathing. I want him to understand that his feelings are part of the natural process Men go through as they explore their dominance.

I don’t think it’s going to be long before Sir Willam finds a faggot to service him. For now, his girlfriend will suffice. But I sense a yearning within him to begin owning faggots.

And like any true predator, the scent drives him to pursue a kill.