Stereo Alphas – The Double Violation of Frat Fag


This is a continuation of the story of frat fag, the formerly straight college male who discovered that he was truly a faggot when he was dominated and taken by a college Alpha named Duke. If you want to catch up, you can click on this link for all of the previous installments in this fascinating story.

It’s been almost a month since I last heard from frat fag (October 12th, click here). In the last startling installment, Alpha Duke forced frat fag to dress in female clothes before practically raping the defenseless faggot with Duke’s usual passionate aggression. 

I was beginning to worry a little bit given the long period of silence. But frat fag finally returned, and brought another unbelievably hot new tale of his continued descent into faggotry. I’m going to shut up and let frat fag tell it:

Well, first and foremost, Duke has been using me as a “sissy” as you called it off and on. He seems to really enjoy it and it’s incredibly hot to have him just take me like that. It turns out I like being degraded more than I originally thought! 

Anyway, he’s also tried his other fantasies on me. One of them being a threesome. I was probably more hesitant with this one than I was with wearing skirts and dresses for him surprisingly enough. Because It would be one more person to know that I’m gay, I was confused since I thought I was his fag and his fag alone, etc. I voiced these concerns to Duke, but he said that the person he’s inviting doesn’t give a fuck if I’m gay or not because he’s another straight Alpha friend of his. Also, Duke, said that no matter who he lets fuck me, I’m still his and his only.

So, this night finally came and Duke invited one of his friends over. It was a guy he has known since high school, and Duke said it was the one who introduced him to using fags and that they used fags together throughout half of high school. Fucking them all over his high school property, in town, wherever they told their fags to be, they were. This Alpha that Duke invited over…I don’t know if the term exists but he could have been an Alpha’s Alpha. But Duke wasn’t like afraid of him or even change his personality. If anything, the presence of this new man was only making the two of them seem larger and me feel even smaller. This man was probably 6’3’’? built of muscle (though it makes sense since Duke said he was a personal trainer), had nicely cut dark brown hair, and these gorgeous brown eyes.

He didn’t say much, but did tell me his name. For this purpose though we can call him Bishop, idk, if you think of a better alias for him, let me know. Anyway, Bishop came over to me and turned me around, pulled off my shorts and almost seemed to just inspect me. Then I heard him compliment Duke about me? Duke came over as well and ordered me down on my knees in front of Bishop and his cock was already out, waiting, hard, and fucking HUGE. I’ve told you before, Duke’s cock is decently sized but mostly it’s thick. This new Alpha was at least 8’’ maybe 8.5’’. I understand that is hard to believe so the readers are free to question me on it but I was actually worried that it wouldn’t fit inside of me.

I began sucking on this monster of a cock, trying my best. Bishop must have been used to fags not being able to take it because he grabbed the back of my head and said “Like this, faggot,” then shifted his hips and my head and slid his cock more in to my throat. I started choking a bit at first and he slowed his thrusts but kept fucking my throat nonetheless. I tried to come off of it and say I couldn’t take it all like I wanted to but Bishop’s only reply was, “Well you’re going to.” Then made me go right back to work.

Meanwhile, Duke was sitting behind me, positioning himself without my knowledge, lubing up his cock and grabbed my hips pulling me back on to him. So now I’m in the position of reverse cow-girl (or I guess boy?) with Duke sitting up behind me and Bishop over me in front ramming his massive cock down my throat.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in that situation but I found it hard to move my hips while getting my face fucked. Duke didn’t seem to care though because he eventually just grabbed my hips and moved them the way he wanted. The feeling that washed over me was just bliss. These two men worked me the absolute way they wanted. Each calling me dirty names like “slut, whore, cocksucker, little bitch” the list goes on. 

Bishop at some point told me he was going to cum and that I better not let one drop spill. Duke echoed that command and began fucking me harder, wrapping one of his arms around my torso so hard, I ended up having a bruise. Duke didn’t warn me, as he sometimes doesn’t to see the look on my face and came deep inside of me. It felt like wave after wave of his delicious cum was filling me up. Bishop, at nearly the same time let loose his own wave of cum down my throat. I know why he said don’t let any spill, it likely happens a lot because there was so much of it, or either it just felt that way. His hot, salty cum lined my throat and he didn’t let up his thrusting. They became more aggressive as he released.

When they were both through with me, they pulled out and left me there on the floor of the living room as they went to clean up.

Brother, this experience was magical. I have no clue what it means for the future, but Duke has said Bishop will be back. I asked him if that means they’re going to share me like they shared other fags in high school, but Duke said he doubts it. Bishop apparently keeps a rotating door of fags so trying to co-manage another one isn’t of his interests right now. Plus, I’m his (as in Duke’s) and that he hasn’t had a fag that he’s cared about keeping only to himself before. So I felt honored by that and got very giddy. But Duke told me to cut it out that it doesn’t mean that we’re friends or that he’s in a relationship with me. He meant it how he said it. So maybe you have insight in to what he means? Because I won’t lie I thought that meant that he was thinking in the direction of relationship, which honestly I wouldn’t be opposed to. I think I’ve started to grow stronger feelings for him than initially planned. So what did he mean by his statement?

I’ll send you information on the other nights in a separate email later today, I have some errands to run but I wanted you to have at least one update! 


I don’t know about you, but I’m totally mesmerized by Alpha Duke. He is basically every faggot’s wettest dream, and every Alpha’s perfect example. His Alpha buddy Bishop sounds even hotter. 

But my heart belongs to fat fag. I can’t be any prouder of how brave my fag brother has been in handling this transition while under the control of experienced Alphas who are not confused or afraid of what they want. Frat fag has tackled this daunting life change with admirable intelligence and curiosity.

I did answer frat fag’s closing question privately, but I’ll share it here as well. Essentially, I told frat fag that it must control its emotions and limit any ideas about being in a relationship with Alpha Duke. Falling in love is not an option for a faggot who serves an Alpha, particularly not an Alpha of Duke’s power. Alpha Duke laid down the law with frat fag in clear and definite terms, for which I’m grateful.

I hope frat fag heeds his words. I’d hate to see this situation come to an abrupt end, especially as it’s really becoming fascinating! 

Second part coming soon! Stay tuned by turning on notifications!