Some anonymous coward has attacked one of the faggots owned by Masters Nick and Jin. They said some particularly hateful things that really broke his heart.


This faggot is simply trying to fulfill his purpose. He’s being brave, kind, faithful, and responsible, all qualities this disgusting pussy lacks entirely.

I am eternally grateful for these Alphas and faggots for their absolute honesty and transparency during the 1.5 years I’ve known them. They have helped countless others by honestly sharing their remarkable journeys.

The idea that people can be torn down by cruel, stupid cowards for simply sharing their truth disgusts me. It’s shameful and abhorrent. It’s exactly the wrong message and the wrong mentality.

If I thought my site FWA contributed to this slanderous and vindictive attack in any way, I would shut it all down immediately. These people are all very dear to me. The Alphas involved are the Owners of my heart, and their faggots are my dearest brothers.

We stand united against the dark forces here on Tumblr and in the world. If you want to project your vile hatred at someone, direct it at me instead. I can handle anything your pathetically-shriveled brain could ever cough up.

Just LEAVE MY BROTHERS ALONE! They did nothing harmful to anyone, and are instead heroes of the Hierarchy. They lead the way to truth by their example, whereas your example leads only to darkness and self-hate.

Truly disgusting behavior from a truly worthless person.

– sam the faggot