This thread follows the extraordinary story of Michael, a brave faggot who lives in an apartment building full of Alphas and began servicing many of them after he made himself available. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

My dear brother Michael had been uncharacteristically quiet in recent weeks, and I secretly began to worry that perhaps the live-in situation with 18-year-old straight Alpha Eric had fallen through.

Boy, was I wrong!

Rather than cooling off, the situation with Alpha Eric has only intensified! I’m just going to leap into the latest update Michael sent to me:

My teen Alpha-god Eric has pretty much dominated my life, and i couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled.  He came to town after high school graduation because He was going to go to college here, and He had an internship for the summer.  But all classes at His college are going to be remote — at least for the first semester — and so He will not be living in the dorms.  So of course, He will continue living in my (for all practical purposes, His) apartment.  i am thrilled. 

So, first thing i did was to “remodel” the apartment so that He would have all the comforts of dorm life: a top of the line computer, a game console, the usual dormitory comforts.  But best of all, while there will be no intercollegiate sports this year, Eric’s coaches insist that the athletes work out together every day so that they can maintain game-ready fitness.  And so after His day interning, Eric reports to the college gym to work out with His teammates, under the supervision of the coaches and the trainers.  This is an incredible bonus for me, His faggot.  Most often, He arrives home pumped up (both physically and psychologically) from His workout, and in need of a relaxing blow job.

But after a few weeks Eric started bringing His teammates back home with Him after workout so that i could give them blow jobs as well.  Not the whole team, and not every day, and not necessarily the same men every time. But over the course of several weeks, i have gotten to “know” all of His teammates.  A true Alpha is generous with His toys.  Eric understands this instinctively.  And so, it is not unusual that there are two or three jocks hanging around the apartment in need of my service, and i have become, in a way, the team mascot.

One of Eric’s teammates (another Alpha Male but nowhere near the god that Eric is) understands that a Man is not gay just because He fucks a faggot.  After He had been to Eric’s apartment after workout a couple of times and had received a couple of blow jobs He asked Eric if it was okay if He fucked His faggot.  Eric had never considered such a thing. 

“Dude, the faggot has two holes, both available for a man’s use.  Don’t tell me you’ve never fucked your bitch!” said Eric’s friend. And so Eric granted permission for the guy to fuck my ass. 

The other guy fucked me that very night.  He took me into the bedroom and gave me an awesome fuck.  It had been a while since i had been fucked up my ass, and it felt good, to be honest.  (No ass action is the price faggots pay for serving straight Alphas; but as you and i know, sacrifice in all its forms is the lot of a faggot’s life).  Eric stayed in the other room while His buddy reamed my ass.  As i mentioned, Eric has inquired about fucking my ass but has not yet done so.

But I am hopeful.  Eric has assumed the consummate Alpha aura of privilege.  He has manifested His understanding that He is entitled to expect that i will do whatever He wants — when He wants.  He expects that i will take care of His morning erections as a matter of course.  He has no hesitation to call upon me to perform some service (sexual or otherwise) at any time, including calling me at work and demanding that i come home because He is in need of a blow job.  i, of course, comply, since this is my purpose in life.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blow job.  He notes that His nails need trimming, or that His hair needs a trim.  But now that He is aware that not just my throat, but my ass also is available for His use, i am hopeful that one day (soon, hopefully) He will call upon me to present my ass cunt to Him, and that thereafter, working His magnificent cock with the muscles of my ass will be a steady part of my life.

i am in faggot heaven.

Michael must live in some sort of alternate universe filled with aggressive Apex Alphas. Living near a bustling college campus has never been a bad gig for a faggot, but whatever they’re putting in the water of Michael’s hometown needs to be bottled up and distributed around the world!

You must keep in mind that Alpha Eric had never tried a faggot until he moved into Michael’s apartment, and he quickly went from zero experience to whoring out his faggot with all of his Alpha buddies. That is the kind of confidence only an Apex Alpha could muster!

As for Michael, well … he is indeed living a faggot’s hottest, most ejaculatory dream. And it’s all because Michael had the courage to approach that original Alpha in his apartment complex several months ago.

If you don’t have Michael’s bravery – few do – then using something like my new tool May I Serve You Sir? could be the help you need.

Regardless, Michael is living proof that Alphas – regardless of sexual orientation – will use faggots who submit and offer service. It just requires that faggot to offer itself.

The opportunities exist, and they’re endless. Stop dreaming about it, and make it happen!