This thread follows the rise of 39-year-old straight divorced Alpha Greg as he discovers the world of faggot worship and ownership. CLICK HERE for all of the relevant posts in chronological order!

If I have two overriding ambitions surrounding this site, they are:

1. Push the truth about Male Hierarchy into the mainstream.

2. Help straight Alphas discover the truth about owning and using faggots.

Fortunately for me, my second ambition is helped tremendously by the efforts of great established Alphas with long track records of training straight Alphas to accept faggot worship.

Which brings me to a straight Alpha named Greg. He’s a 39-year-old straight and divorced Alpha living in Guam. Back in 2001, Alpha Greg came into contact with Alpha Tank, the bodybuilding Alpha I have featured here multiple times. Incidentally, Alpha Greg is a third generation removed from Sir Titus, the Apex Alpha who trained Alpha Tank.

Just so we’re keeping it all straight in the galaxy of Alphas here at FWA!

Anyway, here’s how Alpha Tank began to condition Alpha Greg on the use of faggots:

Oh yeah, I got divorced a few years back and trying to find women where I’m located has been a struggle. He (Alpha Tank) asked me if I had ever thought of letting a ‘very submissive” gay man keep my nuts drained in the interim. That was just how he opened the door for discussion.

Then Alpha Greg came across me here at FWA.

We’ve had many conversations since and I even told him I found your site. He laughed and said I should have mentioned that earlier, it would have saved time. Ha

Very cute! (Wink)

That was when he came clean about being an Alpha and using his own faggots. I have always been a Dom and naturally attract submissive people to me, but I never correlated the two.

So with Alpha Tank working on his straight friend, it was only a matter of time before Alpha Greg started using faggots.

Now that ‘Rona has lessened here, (a younger faggot named Micah) approached me during a gym session. “Sir, can I bother you for a spot.” I didn’t think twice and went to spot him.
During his lift, he never took his eyes off my bulge. I was told that faggots would do that, but thought it was embellishing.
After he finished bench pressing he asked if he could workout with me. I finished working out and went to the locker room, the fag followed me to my locker. He asked me if I needed help relaxing after my workout, before looking down to the floor.

And notice this training at work:

My friend told me about looking away as a sign of a faggot.


I asked what he had in mind. I wasn’t even sure what I was thinking but I wasn’t prepared for his response. He looked around real quick then dropped to his knees. Bending over he kissed my shoe and said anything I could think of.
I was shocked but my dick knew the truth. Haha! We left the gym and headed back to my place. On the drive I messaged my friend and he told me congrats.
Once at my apartment, the fag was automatically on his knees. I started to remove my shoes when he begged me to let him do that. I said sure, to which the faggot crawled over and removed my shoes then my socks. I messaged my friend again, he told me to relax and let the fag fulfill its purpose. He kept calling the faggot it, which confused me.
My friend told me to try a trick he learned – step away and come back in just a towel over my crotch and let the faggot worship my body. I didn’t go that far but I did come back in my underwear. The fag gasped then sighed when I walked back in the room. I kind of chuckled a little.
I sat down on my couch and let the fag massage my legs while it sat between my legs. The massage slowly creeped up my legs, the entire time the faggot was still looking at my crotch. I had that post workout hard-on and needed to cum, I was rubbing my dick and the fag just licked his lips. Before asking if it could help me out with my hard on.
The faggot sucked my dick better than any woman had in the past. It wasn’t like a chore how my ex wife made it. The faggot actually enjoyed what he was doing. He sucked my load out which was much needed. He just kept nursing on my dick even after swallowing my load. At some point I dozed off slightly. When I woke up it was still there and I was hard again.

Another straight Alpha’s eyes opened to the use and ownership of faggots!

This is where I personally entered the story (rather than just my writing). Alpha Greg had been receiving daily blowjobs from his new faggot Micah and loving it. But now Alpha Greg was thinking about taking the faggot’s ass as well.

Well, I took that ball and ran it into the endzone!

I really started encouraging Alpha Greg that Micah’s pussy belongs to him and that he should claim it.

Yesterday Alpha Greg was at work and texting me about his upcoming lunchtime blowjob from his faggot when I pushed the idea again. We started talking about the size difference between the two of them (Alpha Greg is several inches taller) and how much faggots get turned on by much larger Alphas like him.

And just like that, Alpha Greg told his faggot to be ready to get fucked during his lunch break!

So then this happened:

Holy shit faggot! That faggot earned every thrust and shot of my cum!
When I got to my apartment, the faggot was kneeling outside of my door. I unlocked the door and walked in with the faggot right behind me. As the door closed, he was kissing my boots.
I moved to the couch, the faggot crawling to get between my legs. It removed my pants and boxers before beginning to suck my cock. Once I was hard, I had the faggot remove my clothes and its clothes. We moved to the bedroom where I rimmed and fingered the faggot’s pussy for a while. The faggot sucked me hard again before slathering lube on my cock and fingering some into its pussy.
The faggot was bent over with its chest on the bed. I lined up my cock and began to push it in slowly, the faggot was screaming into the pillow. Halfway in I stopped, the faggot said “Please Sir, keep going I will take it all.”
I pushed my cock in harder until I was buried in the faggot’s pussy. It was so wet, warm, and right but without constriction. I didn’t move until the faggot started fucking itself onto me.
I grabbed its hips and something came over me, I started fucking hard and fast while the faggot moaned through tears.
Right before I started to cum, I felt a sudden suction in the faggot’s hole and its legs suddenly started shaking. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I shot the biggest load in a very long time.
It just laid there shaking for a while before resuming sucking my cock.

Another faggot pussy claimed by the power and might of straight Alpha cock!

Alpha Greg’s head was spinning afterward, thoroughly impressed by a fuck that will forever change the course of the rest of his life. I call this moment “ascension,” where a straight Alpha comes fully into his Alphahood by embracing worship in all forms.

Alpha Greg tasted that moment of ascension, and I think he liked it:

I will be using that faggot pussy again.

Since his faggot is uncaged, Alpha Greg intends to put it into chastity and officially own it.

Now I have a faggot.

Welcome to Godhood, Master Greg! A brand new Kingdom awaits your reign!