Straight Alpha Mike On Females And Faggots

This thread follows the life of straight Alpha Mike, a married military veteran in his forties who has learned to use faggots as an easy supplement to satisfy his constant sexual needs. CLICK HERE to read all of these stories in chronological order!

One of my favorite aspects of straight Alpha Mike is his ability to cut through bullshit and just state the truth. He’s always unflinching about the reality of his Alphahood and his views on the world he owns.

I recently answered a question from a reader regarding the differences between females and faggots in the eyes of Men. I gave the best answer I could given that I’m a faggot, not a Man.

But then Alpha Mike stepped in with his refreshing and unvarnished perspective.

For some of us it’s simply a supply and demand issue. I can post an ad with no pictures, only giving a physical description of myself and my personality, and I’ll spend hours sorting through the replies of sissies wanting their throats fucked. If they press for a pic it’s always just of my junk. I can pick and choose exactly what I want, where I want, and how I want it, and they will compete to be the lucky one picked. Women are a pain in the fucking ass and require wining and dining, and even when you’ve sealed the deal it takes a lot of reconditioning to get this ridiculous notion out of their heads that they can do the exact same things in society that I can, and it often spills over to the bedroom. It’s fucking exhausting, which is why you see so few alphas with multiple women partners. They are out there, but they are few and far between. You’ve got to be an absolute fucking stud to pull it off. Sissies, after VERY little training, seem to get it far sooner. They don’t WANT to interrupt your relationship, they want to augment it. They genuinely WANT to see their alpha happy, however and whatever causes that happiness. There is obviously tremendous value in that, and when it comes to straight guys this is your only advantage. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you look like so long as you are taking steps to be reasonably healthy. I care about servitude and a genuine eagerness to submit. That submission strokes my ego and narcissism and gives me that confidence boost to make decisions that would fucking break a lesser man mentally.

This is how a true straight Alpha King responds! It’s so honest and full of earned bravado! What an honor it would be to serve as this Man’s faggot! You know your service would not go unappreciated!