I have only been tangentially familiar with chastity throughout my life. As I’ve said here many times, I’ve never been locked up by any of my past Alphas, and I never had a strong call to chastity personally. Most of the faggots I’ve known over the years put themselves into chastity because they were drawn to it, not because an Owner placed them in it.

Thanks to the internet, the public opinion of chastity has changed drastically. The practice is no longer viewed as some weird sadomasochistic behavioral problem, but rather as a viable way to control a sub’s thought processes. My own personal appreciation for chastity has vastly increased since starting this blog in 2015. I now consider it to be a vital part of a faggot’s early grooming.

But nothing has taught me more about the deep connection chastity creates between an Owner and his faggot more than the four stunning straight college Alphas from Toronto I’ve spent the last few months assisting. These Alphas – Jin, Nick, Nikola, and Matt – have truly perfected chastity, elevating it to an almost sacred expression of deep affection.

When Alpha Jin caged his first faggot Chin, he was allowing Chin to uncage, clean, and recage himself. However, Alpha Jin caught Chin playing with himself, so he forbid Chin from performing that task himself. Alpha Jin made it a practice of uncaging Chin, cleaning Chin’s fag penis, and then recaging Chin once more. 

I thought that was curious but sweet. I know I’d never heard of ANY Alpha doing that with his faggot, let alone a straight Alpha with no previous homosexual experience.

When his teammate and friend Alpha Nick wanted to try owning a faggot, Alpha Jin taught him a few things he’d learned. One of those tips involved Jin’s practice of cleaning his faggot’s dicklet. Much to my shock, Alpha Nick – a thoroughbred stud of pure Masculinity – took to the practice without even a blink. So after Alpha Nick successfully cunted Yul and placed him in his pretty new pink cage, Alpha Nick dutifully took the extra step of thoroughly cleaning his faggot’s private area and recaging it.

Now Alpha Nikola is making plans to take possession of his own personal faggot, a cute little sub named Lee from Hong Kong. A cage is purchased and waiting to be tenderly placed around Lee’s genitals and locked up tight. Alpha Nikola has already been talking about how he intends to follow the cleaning protocol adopted by Alphas Jin and Nick.

When I asked Alpha Nick about this odd additional step, he seemed almost insulted. “My faggot is my property,” he stated incredulously, “and it’s my responsibility to take care of him.” 

I actually felt bad. Here I was questioning this great, emotionally complex Man about a simple kindness he was providing for his faggot. So I asked Sir Titus, an Alpha of considerable power and experience, if he had ever heard of such a practice or if he had ever done that himself. “No way,” was his blunt reply. “Faggots should be responsible for cleaning themselves.”

But you know what? I think I prefer the extraordinary example set by these great young fag Owners. By taking on this intimate extra responsibility, these three straight Alphas are treating their faggots like any Man would treat his faithful dog by tending to its bathing. The act shows tenderness, while simultaneously diminishing the faggot’s status as a male. The ritual takes on an almost holy, sacred air. So really, it’s a win-win.

Think about this situation objectively. These straight young Alphas have a deeper comprehension of some aspects of the Alpha/fag dynamic than seasoned veterans with years of experience! Their reverence for the privilege of owning a personal faggot and the responsibilities inherent therein is truly magnificent. Jaw-dropping, honestly. These young Alphas truly earn their titles as Superior Men.

Knowing them has taught this foolish faggot a new lesson. Indeed, an old fag can still learn some new tricks!