Straight Jayden And Mitch The Bitch

A story written on Tumblr by @youngalphabullies.

I’d met Jayden a few times through mutual friends, enough to know his name and what he looked like at least. Hard to forget a guy like that, though. I remember one party at the beach where a bunch of my mates had hooked up with a bunch of his mates for a bonfire and beers as the sun set over the ocean. Everyone looked good that evening, but Jayden stood out, his toned, muscular body catching the soft, slanted light of the failing sun as he horsed around with his buddies or flirted with one or other of the girls. I wasn’t the only one that noticed either as I caught a few of my gay buddies checking him out too, some more obviously than me. If Jayden had noticed he didn’t let it show, except perhaps to show off a little more. Some guys just love that kind of attention I guess, wherever it comes from.

I was scanning the bar for his face now. I’d recently had to move out of my old place (unreliable roommates, long story), and had been crashing at on mate’s sofa for a few weeks and, well, those situations aren’t meant to last much longer than that. My boyfriend, Dan, had offered to have me move in with him, but I didn’t think we were ready for that and I think he was relieved, so when I heard of a room free somewhere else I was all ears.


“Yeah, it’s that dude Jayden,” Suzi had said when I’d met her for coffee the day before. Suzi was my best mate’s sister, and a good mate of mine outside of that. She’d been there that night at the beach and I seemed to recall that she’d spent quite a bit of time talking to Jayden.

“Remind me,” I said, though I of course knew who she meant. “Is he the one you were all over that night we all hung out?”

Suzi blushed. “Well, you weren’t as discreet as you thought either, Mitch. I saw you checking him out more than once.” She said, poking at the bizarre cream and syrup concoction she’d ordered.

“I’m not the one who disappeared with him for thirty minutes. Getting chips, were you?” I laughed. Suzi giggled too, smiling with mischief.

“My lips are sealed.” She said, still smiling as she finally took a sip of her, for want of a better word, drink.

“I bet they weren’t that night.” I said and she flushed pink and nearly snorted cream our of her nose.

“Whatever, Mitch.” She said, recovering. “Do you want the room or not? I spoke to him last night and he’s up to meet for a beer and see if you guys fit. You wanna?”

I was a little hesitant. I’d lived with guys I was hot for before and it can get, well, complicated. But since Jayden was straight (very straight, Suzi reassured me), and I’ve got a boyfriend, I figured it was safe, so I agreed.

“I’ll text him.” Suzi said, getting out her phone. We sat and chatted about other things and watching the world pass from our vantage in the café. I’d always enjoyed people watching, maybe I’m a bit of a voyeur. All gay guys are, in a sense. We get used to stealing glances at the men that surround us, looking without being seen. It becomes second nature to many. It can be frustrating at times, when you see these hot straight dudes with looks and bodies that deserve to be admired, to be worshipped, and all you can do is look and hope you weren’t seen. It was this that worried me about the prospect of sharing a place with a guy like Jayden.

I realised I’d been lost in thought when I heard Suzi’s phone ping and I came back to reality.

“Cool.” She said, nonchalantly. “He says he can meet seven tomorrow. That bar by the bowling alley, you know it?”

“Yeah I know the one. Ok, tell him I’ll be there.” I said. I suddenly felt excited at the prospect. If it doesn’t go well at least I can check out that muscle boy ass as he left.


The bar was slowly filling up with the after work crowd, guys and girls still dressed from whatever office they’d spent the day in. I glanced at my phone, seven fifteen. No big deal. I should have told Suzie to give him my number. I was chastising myself about this when I felt a tap on the shoulder.

“Hey, Mitch right?” I turned and looked up to see Jayden stood there with a broad, confident smile spread on his handsome face. I couldn’t help but smile back as my eyes took him in. He stood out in casual clothes against the other bar patrons’ day tired office garb. He was wearing just a black vest and shorts, his bare arms and shoulders showing every defined muscle. His right hand was held out to me and I took it.

“Yes. Yes, sorry. You’re Jayden. But you know that. Yes, I’m Mitch. Good to see you.” Man I sounded like a retard. I quickly gathered my wits again. “Can I get you a beer, I was just going to the bar.”

“Cheers, mate. Yeah a beer would be good.” He answered, letting go of my hand. I stood, expecting Jayden to take the seat next to me, but instead he sat down in the chair I’d just vacated. I didn’t think too long on this and headed to the bar.

‘Thanks, Mitch.“ Jayden said as I set his beer down and sat on the spare chair. We swapped small talk for a few minutes, kind of get to know you questions, before Jayden explained the place, rent, bills, stuff like that. It all sounded good to me and, more than that, I found my initial nervousness was unwarranted. Sure, Jayden was hot as shit, there was no denying that, but I found he was a decent seeming guy too. Funny, confident, easy to talk to and we seemed to have enough in common to work with.

“You know I’m gay, right?” I said after we finished our second beers. Jayden burped before replying.

“Yeah, Suzi gave me the lowdown. I’m cool with it, dude, as long as you keep it in your bedroom, you know?” He said, and I was happy with that. I expected to be my boyfriend’s place half the time anyway.

“Likewise. Suzi told me about you, too.” I said, feeling we’d gotten enough of a rapport to mention it. Jayden smiled and nodded to himself.

“Yeah, I bet she did.” He leant towards me conspiratorially, lowering his voice a fraction. He smelt faintly of sweat and soap. Straight boy smell. “You wouldn’t know it,” he continued, “but that girl is fucking dirty. Pretty much dragged me into the bushes to take a ride, you know?”

I nearly choked on my beer. Worse than that I felt a semi coming on. Something about hearing straight guys talk about sex, especially dirty sex like this always turned me on. Even though Suzi was my friend the image of her getting nailed by a stud like Jayden did things to me. I had to change the subject.

“Ok then, we’ll both agree to keep it to the bushes or the bedroom.” I said and Jayden laughed, clapping me on the back. “You’re a good guy, Mitch boy. I reckon I could handle living with you. How about you come over and see the place tomorrow and, if you like it, you can be in as soon as you like.”

I was elated. “Yeah, Jayden. I’ll head by tomorrow, about three?”

“Ok buddy, sounds good. I’ll have a bit of a tidy up then, I’ve been treating the whole place like a laundry basket since I’ve had it to myself.” He said and I laughed, but still got a bit of a thrill imaging Jayden’s worn gym gear pooled on the floor. Man, this was gonna be interesting.


I won’t bore you with the all of details of the flat. Suffice it to say it was nice for what I’d be paying and close to any amenity a young urbanite could want. I agreed to take it (I wouldn’t be telling this story of I hadn’t).

The room was mostly unfurnished but I had a lot of what I needed in storage and would just buy anything else as and when. To my surprise and gratitude Jayden offered to help me shift the bulk of it in. He had a mate with a truck he could borrow so we set it up for a week’s time from then.

It was another clear, bright morning, just cirrus clouds, vapour trails and seagulls in the sky as I waited by the storage unit containing my worldly goods. The sun was just above the buildings across the road from me, causing them to throw crisp lined shadows that bisected the street, making a light side and a dark side. I was stood in the light and it was from the dark that Jayden arrived in the truck, pulling into the small carpark next to the storage place. I walked over to greet him as he got out of the truck.

“There you are, Mitch boy.” He said. It seemed it was now his habit to call me ‘Mitch boy’. I didn’t mind it much, kind of liked it really. He patted me on the shoulder as I got to him. “Ready for some lifting, huh?” He said and mimed lifting something big and heavy, his muscles flexing through the vest and shorts combo that he seemed to always be wearing.

“Yeah, ready as I’m gonna be,” I said, making the same pose, albeit with less confidence. I’m no slouch, don’t get me wrong. In fact, fuck it, I’m a catch by most people’s standards. I’ve been told I’m cute and I’ve got a good physique that work hard at the gym for. Before I met my boyfriend I had no shortage of guys hit on me in the gay bars down town but, man, I was a slouch compared to Jayden. If he walked into one of those gay bars all you hear would be broken glass over Eurodance as every queer in the place lost his shit.

“Let’s do it then, boy.” Said Jayden as he locked the truck and we went inside.

The job took, maybe, four hours altogether. The storage unit was only a few miles from Jayden’s place, my place, so the commute back and forth wasn’t too arduous. We soon got a system going, with Jayden taking the lead. He seemed to have a good head for this kind of operation, and it took some of the stress of moving house to just listen and follow orders for a change. It also freed my attention to wander, and you can guess where it wandered to. I kept on having to stop myself from looking as Jayden either bent down to pick something up or when his arms bulged as he lifted a chest of drawers with me.

The day grew hot as we passed midday and both Jayden and I were sweaty from exertion. Jayden’s vest and shorts clung to his body, showing every detail, and I mean every detail. I could see the hard line of his pecs leading to his abs clear enough to count all six and then, below that, the V down to his bulging crotch. He was leant on the wall outside the storage place after we’d loaded the last of my stuff, drinking deep from a bottle of water. The sunlight through the bottle cast prism light on his handsome features as he drank closed eyed. I felt my dick chub up a little as I admired him and, seeming to sense me he looked back, catching my eyes before glancing briefly down. He gave me a smile and a wink and I looked down to see that my shorts weren’t hiding much either. Embarrassed I turned around and pretended to search for something in my backpack until my dick started behaving more politely. If Jayden had noticed anything he didn’t mention it during the drive back, and he seemed his usual self so I put the moment out of my mind and we finished the morning’s work before cooling down with a beer. It felt good to finally sit down on the sofa of my own place at last, rather than sleeping on one in someone else’s.


The first few weeks were great. Jayden and I found that we got along sharing. We both had our mostly separate social lives but we hung out together from time to time too, either watching a game or movie, Xbox, you know. Roomie stuff. Jayden was maybe a little bit of a slob and I found I did the housework a little more than he did but I didn’t mind that. In return he always had beer in the fridge I could drink whenever and, well, he made up for it in other ways.

It seemed that I was mistaken when I thought that all Jayden wore were vests and shorts because, it turns out, when he’s at home he frequently doesn’t even get that far. From the first morning when I left my room to find him getting breakfast wearing just a pair of boxers I got to see a lot of him. Morning wood is hard enough without this, I thought as he nonchalantly sat at the counter eating cereal, his hard, muscled ass pressed on the laminate wood stool seat. After he’d left to go shower it was all I could do not to put my nose on the stool seat. Man, what kind of sick thoughts was I was having? I put it down to horniness and made an urgent booty call to my Dan who I hadn’t seen since the week before. It didn’t seem to help, though. Even as he was fucking my ass the way he had a hundred times before I was thinking back to Jayden that morning, his tanned, muscular body in those skintight boxer briefs, and to the way he had taken control the day before, the way he called me ‘boy’. I came at that last thought and felt a moment of guilt as Dan took my excitement to be his doing and kissed me hard, putting his own load inside of me.

Other times Jayden would come back from rugby practice still wearing his muddy kit. He said that the showers at the club were shit, which is entirely probable given my own experiences with public showers. I’m a fan of rugby and used to play a bit at school, and I’ve got to admit part of the appeal of the sport for me was how a fit guy looks in rugby kit, so as you can imagine I had zero problems with Jayden coming back like that, mud and foot stink and all. First time I saw him in his kit he sat on the sofa next to me and put his big feet up on the coffee table, blocking my view of the TV. I couldn’t help but look at them, his toes outlined through the fabric of his rugby socks as he wriggled them.

“Grab me a beer, would ya Mitch my boy. I’m knackered.” Jayden said patting my leg. Without really thinking about it I went and grabbed him one from the fridge. “Cheers my boy.” He said, taking it.

“No worries.” I said. “Anytime.”

“I’ll have to remember that.” Replied Jayden, glancing back at me with a grin. I made an excuse about going to make a call and left him to the TV. Truth is I went to my room and beat off thinking about pressing my face against Jayden’s big, sweaty feet. I’d never really been turned on by feet before, but it was hard to find a part of this man that wasn’t perfect and it was beginning to drive me insane knowing that he was untouchable.

Then a night came a few weeks in. It was a Friday and Jayden was out for the evening at some party or other. Apparently there was a girl he had his eye on and tonight was the night he was hoping to fuck her. He looked uncharacteristically dapper as he left, eschewing the usual beach or workout gear for some classy chinos and a fitted shirt that accentuated his physique the way only good tailoring on a great body can. Whoever the girl is, I thought, I hope she knows how lucky she is.

I’d invited Dan over for a movie and some food. He’d been over a couple of times before and had met Jayden. The two of them seemed to get on really well, discussing their shared interest in climbing and even swapping numbers to go together sometime. It was great to see as I’d been worried that Dan might get jealous, but that didn’t seem to be an issue at all. When I asked him about it later on he said that the only thing he was jealous of was not getting to see Jayden in a towel on the daily.

Dan had an early start the next morning so as the credits rolled on Guardians of the Galaxy (Chris Pratt, amirite?), he yawned before getting his things together and calling an Uber home. It was still only around eleven and I had no such work issues so I opened a second bottle of wine for myself and put on Vol.2 for some more Chris Pratt, Racoon, tree man shenanigans.

By the end I was buzzing on red wine and feel good retro hits when I heard Jayden stomping up the corridor to the flat. He seemed to fumble with his key, swearing to himself and trying to find the keyhole. We’ve all been there, brother, I thought and got up to let him in.

I opened the door and Jayden looked at me with bewildered surprise for a moment before, cogs turning, he presumably remembered that he has a room mate now and smiled.

“Mitch my boy!” He exclaimed, his face expressive with drunken joy. “Just the man I wanted to see.” He swayed a little at this but righted himself manfully. He was drunk, but not hammered. That was good. “Well, are you gonna stand there all night or do I have to get my own beer?”

I laughed. The bastard wasn’t even through the door and he was ordering me around.

“Come in first, you reprobate. The neighbors will complain and they’ll blame me.” I said as he half stumbled and half walked through the door and down to the living room, leaving me to close the door. I followed and found him on the sofa.

“Beer, I said.” He called out. “And some cake!”

“We haven’t got any cake.” I said placatingly. “The duchess had it all at afternoon tea.” Jayden laughed a bit too loudly at that.

“That bitch.” He said. “Wait until, wait until I see that dried up old cunt, I’ll give her some fucking cake.”

I hadn’t seen this side of Jayden before and I chuckled to myself as I got his beer. Handing it to him I sat down and got my wine.

“Good night?” I asked.

“Fucking awful night.” He said, suddenly turning a little darker. “Waste of fucking time.”

“The girl, I take it?” I said. From what he’d said he’d been wanting to get with this chick for weeks, but she kept making excuses. I got the impression that Jayden wasn’t used to being made to wait. Understandable, really.

“That cunt, you mean? I’m fucking done with her.” He turned to me, beer breath hitting my face. “Fucking blue balled me for weeks. No pussy is worth that, mate. Fags like you have got it right, a dick doesn’t take much persuading to get sucked.”

“Mate,” I said. “Not cool. Don’t call me that. I didn’t think you were like that.” I shuffled away from him and he looked hurt for a moment, then something seemed to dawn on him.

“Nah,” he said, animated again. “You’ve got it wrong, mate. I’m not a homophone, a homophobe.” He patted me on the leg. “I just meant guys like you, you know. Guys that are happy to do what you tell ’em.” His hand was at his crotch now, maybe deliberately, maybe subconsciously, and he was gently clutching at his dick and balls through his pants. “I know you like doing stuff for me.”

“I don’t know what you’re implying.” I said. “It’s just good manners, that’s all.”

“So if I told you to suck my dick right now, you’d say no?” Jayden asked, his cock now growing down his pants leg. My eyes were fixed on it at he slowly worked himself hard.

“I’ve, I’ve got a boyfriend.” I said, but it sounded weak.

“I know.” Jayden said. “But are you telling me you don’t want this straight dick of mine?” He stroked the whole length throy his pants. He looked big, and thick. Not porn star big but, well, bigger than mine or Dan’s for that matter.

“Tell me,” he continued. “If Dan was sat right here and I told you to suck my dick, you wouldn’t do it?”

I wanted to say no and tell this arrogant, straight douchebag to go to hell. I didn’t want to admit that I longed to do exactly what he was saying, but my own dick was straining in my shorts, giving me away pretty obviously. I reached to grab it but Jayden grabbed my arm and firmly but gently pulled it away.

“You’ve got a job to do first.” He said, the same commanding tone in his voice that I’d first heard the day I moved in. He released my wrist and I let it drop to my side.

“Now get down on your knees like a good faggot,” he put emphasis on the last word, to assert that he was free to use it. The last of my hesitancy dissolved and I slipped from the couch to the floor. I shifted around until I was knelt in front of him, looking into his face, a smile of satisfaction on his face. “Good boy.” He said before unbuckling his pants, and reaching in. After some deft manoeuvring he hooked his pants and boxers down and pulled out his hard dick and big balls. The sight of it put me fully in the moment and I knew that I was gonna be a slave to that dick from now until it unloaded. The happy resignation of the cocksucker.

I licked my lips. “Get to it, fag. I need to nut so fucking bad.” Said Jayden as he reached behind my head and pushed my face towards his crotch. I opened my mouth and began hungrily kissing and lapping at his shaft and balls as his finger entwined in my hair. He let out a gutteral moan. “That’s it, cocksucker. Show me how hungry you are for straight dick.”

I responded by taking the head in my mouth, working my tongue in the places I knew would drive a man nuts. I was right and was rewarded with a deep moan from Jayden and a squirt of precum. Man, he tasted so good. I swallowed him further, working up plenty of spit to lube the shaft.

“This is what I’m talking about.” Exclaimed Jayden. “Faggot, you got a mouth like a pussy. Anyone ever tell you that?”

To prove his point Jayden began rocking his hips up and down, fucking his dick into my mouth, pushing against my tonsils causing me to gag and cough. That didn’t deter Jayden as he held my head firm with both of his big hands and skull fucked me harder, the head of his dick finally pushing past my gag and lodging in my throat.

“That’s it faggot.” He growled. “Fits good, don’t you think?” I was banging my hands against his hard, unrelenting thighs, unable to breath as my straight roomie used my throat like a fucking fleshlight. After one more, vicious jab at the back of my throat Jayden released the pressure and allowed me up for air.

I leant back briefly, gasping and coughing. Strands of saliva hung in obscene strands from my lips to Jayden’s glistening cock. It was rock hard and bounced as the blood pulsed into it, matching my own heartbeat that was loud in my ears. I looked up at his face and he looked transformed with lust. The usual smile was replaced by a sneer that if anything made him look sexier than ever.

“Get back to work, faggot.” He said before leaning back on the sofa, signalling me to take a more leisurely approach. I started by tonguing his balls and taint, worshipping them as Jayden sat back enjoying the feeling of my warm, wet tongue on his sensitive skin. I sucked each ball gently into mouth, caressing them with my lips and tongue. Jayden was breathing deep and moaning gently and the sound sent bolts through me. I always got off on the appreciative sounds a guy makes when I make him feel good, and at that moment I want to make Jayden feel so, so good.

I left his balls and returned to the business in hand, pulling his fat dick away from his belly and sucking the precum slick head back into my mouth. I began sucking up and down, finding the rhythm that got the best response from Jayden.

“Look up, faggot” Jayden said, interrupting my focus. I glanced up and saw that he had taken his phone out and was holding it with the camera pointed down at me. I paused for a moment, Jayden’s fat dick still half in my mouth. Before I could summon outrage at what he was doing he said. “Tell me how much you like my straight dick, faggot.”

To be honest, with the wine and the situation I was too dumb and horny to do anything but exactly what Jayden said. I pulled off his dick.

“I love your big, straight dick.” I said, still panting.

“Now say it again, but this time do it with my dick in your mouth.” Jayden laughed at this. Fuck, this was getting crazy, but I was so fucking into it I didn’t care how much this alpha, straight muscle dude humiliated me.

Putting his fat dick back in my mouth I answered, as best I could. “I wuff yaw ig sray ick.”

Jayden burst out laughing. “You fucking do don’t you, you dumb faggot.” He said as he pushed his dick deep, hitting my throat again. It was easier this time and in a second I had my nose pressed against Jayden’s pubes. He humped my face like that hard for twenty, thirty strokes, one hand holding my head and the other holding the camera.

“You ready for my load, fag?” Said Jayden, not really asking, though I grunted the affirmative anyway. Suddenly he pulled his cock free of my mouth, working it hard with his hand. “Open wide, bitch.” He said and seconds later I felt the first splatters of his load streak across my face before Jayden found his aim and pumped the rest into my waiting mouth, coating my tongue and lips with straight alpha seed.

“Don’t swallow.” He gasped as his orgasm peaked and subsided, his moans slowing. “Show the camera, slut.” He said before moving the phone for a close up of my face, cum filling my open mouth. It would be a few days before I would see that video but even then I could imagine what a cocksucking slut I must have looked and, dammit, I liked it.

Jayden dropped the phone to one side and took a last deep breath.

“Fuck, that was nice, boy.” He said, returning to a more friendly tone. “I needed that.”

“Er, anytime I guess.” I responded limply. Jayden laughed.

“Yeah, I bet. Good to know I can use that pussy mouth when I want to.” He smiled and glanced at his phone again.

“About, that” I began. “We gotta keep this between us. If Dan found out…” Jayden interrupted me.

“You think I’m not gonna use your pussy mouth whenever I need to, boyfriend not not? We both know that’s not true. Besides, Dan’s gonna know all about it when he checks his phone.” Jayden just sat there with a smug look on his face as what he said sunk in.

“Wait. What? What have you done?” Panic rose in me.

“I sent him that video. You’re my cocksucker now and Dan will either have to accept that or find another fag to be boyfriends with.” His tone was so casual, I couldn’t believe it.

“You can’t do that, you son of a bitch.” I said, making to get up off the floor.

“Down.” Jayden said and, like some hypnotic trigger I sat back down.

“It’s done.” He said. “And I promise you you’ll thank me in the end. I think we just proved that pussy mouth is made for straight dick. I’m right aren’t I, faggot?”

And with that word, that awful word, my dick twitched and I knew he was right.

“You’re right.” I admitted, and felt a sense of relief.

“Good faggot. Now get me another beer. Then, as a reward, I’m gonna let you sniff my feet as you beat of that faggot dick that’s been leaking since I got home. Ain’t I nice?”


Inspired by @aussiealpha


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