This is a concurrent thread highlighting Sir Rob, the 51-year-old Apex Alpha Father of 17-year-old Alpha Kyle. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts about this extraordinary Alpha in chronological order!

One of the great treasures of this blog for me is the opportunity to meet and come to intimately know some of the greatest Men alive today. These Men – I call them Apex Alphas – are more than just dominant Men seeking pleasure from lesser beings. They are leaders in the most complete sense, Men who take a personal responsibility to honor and support the legacy of Alphahood itself.

To that end, they often will take it upon themselves to teach other Alphas about their Alphahood, unlocking the true power within them.

Sir Rob has already proven to be one such Apex Alpha. As readers on this blog know, Sir Rob is the married Alpha father of Master Kyle, and he’s the one who taught his son about the wonders of fag ownership.

Now Sir Rob has unlocked this great secret of Alphahood for an longtime Alpha friend of his named Tom!

Here’s Sir Rob with the story:

So a few weeks ago I decided to take a week off to go fishing with one of my best friends. He’s a high profile attorney, his name is Tom. He’s an Alpha as well but never fucked a fag. We’ve known each other since high school.

We rented a nice shack next to the lake and after fishing all day decided to hit the bar in town that is a few miles away. We both drank way too much beer and flirted the night away. We came back to the shack with a beautiful young woman each, and we both fucked all night long, trying to one up each other as we could hear everything through the paper thin walls (our rooms were next to each other). The next day, we did the same thing. Fishing, bar, sex with beautiful women.

Until the next day. We went to the bar and a really cute little faggot approached me right away. I flirted with him, in front of Tom, who was completely dumbfounded and eventually I left to the bathroom where the twink sucked my cock since he kept teasing me and rubbing my bulge. Tom didn’t flirt at all, too distracted by the fag and I.

We went home with the fag and just as we got home, I ordered the faggot to serve me in front of Tom. He sat down on the couch, watching the faggot suck my dick then watched me fuck him raw. In the middle of fucking, he unbuckled his jeans and ordered the fag to suck his dick. The faggot obeyed immediately and started sucking his cock.

I eventually came and then offered him his ass. He smiled and went straight to his pussy. He went to town and fucked his hole like crazy. We ended up both fucking the fag all night, giving him loads and loads of cum. The three last days we were there, we alternated fucking women and fags.

Tom told me it was one of the best weeks of his entire life.

You can just imagine how joyfully exhausted that faggot was after being used by two powerful Alphas all night in a cabin in the woods!

But more importantly, we see an Apex Alpha create a safe space for his Alpha brother to experience true power. It’s like going to a club and then having an insider escort you to the exclusive V.I.P. area where all of the REAL goodies are kept.

That is what Sir Rob unlocked for Master Tom that weekend – TRUE POWER.

And if you’re curious, Master Tom loved his first taste of faggot worship so much that he immediately went out and found his first faggot! He’s now a FAG OWNER! That story will come in a follow-up post.

Alphahood is real. It is a true brotherhood of superior Men who elevate each other in line with that ancient proverb: “By iron, iron is sharpened.”

And Apex Alphas like Sir Rob continue to lead other Alphas and teach them to ascend.

I am a faggot grateful to witness and sing their praises to the stars.

Note: the title of this story is a tribute to my beloved @natural-hung-bull on tumblr, another great married Apex Alpha and wise sage of faggot ownership.