This thread follows the true story of Master Ahmed, a straight 21-year-old Apex Alpha who has discovered faggot ownership. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

There are plenty of straight Alphas who use and even own faggots. I know this personally because I have primarily served straight Alphas in my 23 years of service, and I’ve known other faggots who had similar success. And the overwhelming number of straight Alphas I have both covered and coached during the five years of this site testify that my early experiences were not only normal, but also increasing in frequency.

While this is a boon for faggots eager to serve Alphas, not all straight Alphas are the same. A good number of them are abusive, cruel, stupid, and hateful. They hurt faggots, use them destructively, and toss them away. There are few straight Alphas who truly earn the title of Master, a word that implies exceptional qualities and infinite control over not only faggots, but themselves.

On this site I have covered some of the greatest Apex Alpha Masters I’ve ever known. Master Nick, Sir Rob, Master Matt, Master Kyle, Master Dino, Master Jin, California Alpha, and on and on. These are straight Alpha Males who have come to own and cherish the faggots who serve them.

Add to that list a 21-year-old Arabian Alpha named Master Ahmed. He lives in Europe, where he has in a few short years come to understand his Alphahood and the need of faggots to serve him. In the process, he has discovered a need within him to own these faggots.

I’m going to open this with the first letter he sent me.

I’ve understood that I am an Alpha male since secondary school, when I discovered my passion for working out and for domination. In second grade, a guy of my age asked me repeatedly to lace my shoes or to carry my bags, in front of my girlfriend. I took several months to understand his way of thinking, until I found out he loved serving me, despite me being completely straight. And I loved it. Some of my friends told me to be mean and to ignore him. But I thought that this was not the right thing to do, that I deserved better, and that, somehow, someone exceptionally gifted like me (I always majored all classes, especially in maths, sciences and Arabic) had to help this guy to fulfill his function and his goals (for example, he loved worshipping my used boxers, and he was sooooo grateful for that!! He always fantasized about my cock, and I would let him sometimes drink my male juice). I don’t know how you theorize it, sam, (since I discovered your website only this morning) but I always preferred taking my responsibilities as someone important to all those beta males, to be somewhat “good” to them, and to let them serve me. To be honest, nothing teases me as to be served, and to feel my superiority on this kind of “scale”.

I instantly fell in love with Master Ahmed based on this email alone. Do you hear what I do in his words? His effortless understanding of Hierarchy … his basic compassion for lesser creatures … his appreciation for the adoration he receives from females and faggots. These qualities cannot be faked and are very rare in young Men.

In other words, Master Ahmed was not only born a superior Alpha Male, but he was also born an intrinsically good Alpha.

But that first message was just the surface. His next email floored me.

So let me tell you about me, sam. I’m sure you’ll find that interesting. 

I’m a master who loves being worshipped, as well for my physique as for my intellectual abilities. I’m sure you’ll understand; not only do I love being worshipped for my Alpha cock (I used to let my sub worship it and  lick my semen on the toilet floor…I’ll never forget this feeling of power…Damn, that’s so good.) but I also love to own a faggot’s minds, to let him be obsessed by me, and, in a way, to take care of him. 

That’s why I’d prefer today to have two or three faithful long-term fags to breed, to train and to use. I understand those Alphas who create Twitter/Instagram/Onlyfans accounts to be spoiled by anonymous subs, and, obviously, I would be a good cash master. However, I profoundly believe that this is not the true meaning of Domination : I obviously loved being spoiled (including financially) by my former fag, but I found it fitting for my Alpha rank only because it was part of a true Master-sub relationship. You probably understand better than I do the way fags think. What do you think, sam ? I believe, sam, that submissive fags are everywhere, willing to serve Superior Males like me. Indeed, unlike some other Alphas, I don’t think that the true goal of a sub is to be a cocksucker (even if it may be part of it) but to be a servant and to find happiness by being useful to Men like me, born to be served.

For example, last year, my sub got a girlfriend. This was quite pitiful, but I wanted to let him try, to see how things were going to progress. Eventually, as I was using him (to piss..haha) he begged me to fuck her… Do you believe it, sam? He was so desperate! The following day, he invited me to dinner with her…and, three hours later, he watched me fuck her in their apartment! He was so happy sam! For the first time, I accepted to let him cum. After all, he served me by offering me a new pussy to fuck, and I thought it would be a good reward to let him cum as he was sucking my feet. I think that you’ll agree with me about the decisiveness of the sub’s happiness in the relationship. Look at you sam, you answered my mail with so much enthusiasm… You are undoubtedly happy to talk to a Superior Male like me. And that’s the sign of a true sub, isn’t it, sam? 

You see…I want a powerful relationship with my subs…and I want to make sure to find the good ones. So here are my questions: how to make sure to find such dedicated fags? What channels should I use? Ideally, I’d like to communicate with them by mail to test their dedication, and their readiness to serve Master Ahmed and his Alpha cock. How should I proceed to find the good ones? Do you, sam, with your website, may help me to find some fags like that, ready to serve and spoil me, as I can no longer use my first fag? 

As you probably noticed, I have no fixed theory about an adequate Master-sub relation, all my ideas are…instinctive, I would say. I have developed them for several years, as I grew and I noticed everyone around me (women, guys…even teachers!) wanted me to use them. You’ll probably help me understand the way fags may serve me. 

There is a great amount of humility in the words of Master Ahmed even though he is completely correct about everything. “Instinctive” is such an important word here, because it’s not like he had any mentor guiding him, but his superior instincts led him correctly nonetheless.

I instantly thought of Masters Jin and Nick, two completely straight Alphas who, by instinct alone, learned how to become true owners of faggots. The guidebook of faggot ownership seems to be written in their genes.

I’m going to stop here and publish a “part two” two because he just had an amazing encounter with a faggot while he were emailing back and forth. You’ll love it. I’m also going to try and convince him to share the pic of his magnificent Alpha cock that he sent to me. We’ll see if I can convince him!

To all of the faggots reading this: if you think you can possibly serve Master Ahmed, I think you should leave a comment below! This Apex Alpha has room in his stable for faggots that can reflect the high standards he holds for himself.