Straight Master James, Owner Of Trey, Speaks!

This thread chronicles the rise of straight Apex Alpha James, a young, up-and-coming executive who has enslaved his first faggot (and co-worker) Trey. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

Of the many true stories published on this site about straight Alphas claiming and using faggots, nothing has fired up my audience like the story of faggot Trey being claimed by an office Alpha named James. When I first started advising Trey, I didn’t know anything about Master James except what Trey had told me, but even from that I knew we were dealing with a very powerful young god.

Fortunately Master James was more than willing to lay claim to Trey and boldly use him as his office bitch. As my latest update from Trey showed, things have progressed rapidly to home worship and domestic service.

But this morning while exchanging messages with Trey I asked if it was possible for me to speak with Master James. Trey said he’d ask him about the possibility. I didn’t hold out much hope that he would ever write me given the oddity of the situation.

BUT MASTER JAMES WROTE TO ME! What followed was an intense two-hour email exchange with one of the most natural straight Alpha Kings I’ve ever encountered. He’s definitely an Apex Alpha in the making!

What follows are Master James’ answers to questions I asked of him. Buckle up!

I have ALWAYS known I am an alpha. I have always been a natural born leader. This is the reason that I could not allow fag trey to remain in that office and act as if he is my boss. It goes against the natural order of things.

I know that fag trey felt this way was well which is why it started to do my chores for me. I was testing it and it turned out I was completely correct about its needs.

As shocking as it may sound I have never owned faggots before. I am Straight and I have had experiences with women but it wasn’t until I took control of fag trey I realized just how much fags need an Alpha male in their lives. And once I started to push further and further I saw just how much fag trey was willing to do for me. This sent me down the rabbit hole on the internet of researching more and more about Masters and faggots. I did find your page and it provided good information as well.

I plan to make fag trey my property. I plan to own him completely and have him move into my house and obey all my commands.

trey is only allowed to lick my balls and sniff my cock right now. I’m a very demanding Master and I want it to learn that worshipping me and my body is a HUGE privilege. It is not to be taken lightly. As it progresses I will allow it to take my cock deep in its throat and also deep in its pussy. That will take time. And I believe the waiting will be worth it for the faggot in the end.

Funny you should mention chastity. I bought a 3D printed chastity cage. I am waiting on it in the mail right now. fag trey knows it will be locked up soon and not allowed to cum. Well it isn’t allowed to cum right now but locking it up will just make very sure.

That was his FIRST response.

As the experience Master James relates suggests, straight Alphas understand Hierarchy and faggots at a near-genetic level. Instinctively Master James looked at Trey and knew it was a faggot in hiding. Using his own power he forced Trey to accept its true role in life – as the personal faggot of a straight god.

I found it amazing how quickly Master James researched, accepted, and integrated this massive new concept into his already blessed and bountiful life! It was the missing piece to unlock deeper levels of true power!

Also fascinating: he’s 3D printing a unique chastity cage made just for his new piece of property! Utterly incredible!

But Master James was not done:

That is a good point, faggot.     I was always after pussy.    All the time.  With faggot trey I have realized that I can get even more out of owning a faggot.    That is not to say I don’t still get pussy when I want it…..   It’s just that I have discovered something new and am very interested in exploring it.   

It is difficult to figure out what my plans are as I have so many different ideas.    I do expect faggot trey to sleep on the floor beside my bed in case I need to use it during the night at any point.    It always knees beside me when I am eating.  If I am feeling generous I might even drop some on the floor it can eat.   It can never sit on the furniture.     I feel sitting fag trey in the floor will always prove to it that I am superior and above it in every way.    At home I would have it naked or in a jock strap.    If I have company come over it can wear underwear depending on who the company is.    

Licking my ass is another huge privilege that I know fag trey is desperate for.   This is the reason I allow it to sniff my underwear.    I want it to be addicted to my scent.  Craving it above all else.   fag trey will become my piss pig.    I haven’t started training on that yet but that is my goal.    

I have learned a lot from enslaving fag trey.    I see how fulfilled it is and how fulfilled I am from being worshipped by an inferior.    I feel good about being at the top of the hierarchy.  I believe in just being who we are.    I am a Master and you are a faggot.   We both realize this and it is very fulfilling.      

I mean if you were here right now I’d have you on one foot worshipping and fag trey on the other.    And I know that would be great for all of us too.   

I added the italics to emphasize a vital aspect of Master James’ Apex superiority: he totally comprehends that Hierarchy is a SHARED experience between an Alpha and his faggot. An Alpha gains power from the worship, and the faggot gains purpose. Too many Alphas think it’s solely about their own needs, but this straight Alpha immediately comprehends the duality involved!

I also love how easily he is accepting the possibilities of other forms of worship like rimming. Many straight Alphas refuse these types of worship, dismissing them as “too gay” to try. But Master James has a curiosity to enjoy all of the pleasure to which he’s entitled, and he’s secure in his Manhood. Those are important qualities for every Apex Alpha!
For all of the faggots reading this and instantly wanting to serve him financially or otherwise, Master James leaves that possibility open:

I am interested in owning more faggots but I am defintely one to take it slow and steady.     It truly is just an extension of who I am.    I just know I meant to use fags like trey and you and any other faggots out there needing it.     I hope to own more in the future.     

Can you believe that this straight Apex Alpha GOD-MAN even exists?!?

Even more incredible: he’s managed to go even this far in his life without owning faggots when it’s clear he was BORN TO OWN THEM.

I praise Master James for his natural superiority and his grace in blessing inferiors with his power and Kingship!

And I commend my brother Trey for having the humility and bravery to submit to such awesome power! Being the first faggot to someone like Master James is a daunting challenge, and endlessly fulfilling!