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Things have been progressing exponentially with straight Master Matthew, and I’ve been neglecting to update him given everything else happening here and in my life.I’ll do my best to update.

So Master Matthew’s domestic faggot has been serving faithfully over the last several weeks, spending long hours caring for Master’s home while he enjoys his life.

Hi, sorry I hadn’t been in contact, no offence taken, just been busy adapting to my “new life” and just forgot to reply. It’s superb, honestly don’t know why I hadn’t implemented fags in my life before. He literally takes care of my every need and no complaining, in fact he does it with a smile and thank you. He comes pretty much everyday, so I’m a very kept man.

The faggot has integrated well with Master Matthew’s robust sex life, too:

It’s been great when I’ve had ladies back, sometimes he’s still around and fetches us drinks etc in the evening, but if not around in the evening, he’s always there to serve us breakfast in bed in the mornings. The ladies love it.

And what had made it really good and convenient, is that he bought me an Apple Watch so I can reach him at the tap of my wrist. I can literally tap my watch and he’ll get a bell that I need him. And can build up his task list through my watch and it will go straight to his phone. Makes life so much easier.

So I asked how the extensive use of his new faggot was affecting its relationship with its boyfriend.

Yes pretty much. He does have other commitments here and there but he always put me and my needs first. For example, he had a date weekend with his boyfriend this weekend, but I had a date night on Saturday and knew that would mean that we’d need breakfast in bed on the Sunday, so he cancelled his plans. Plus he doesn’t have plans that often, so if he’s not doing anything, his default is to be at mine, cleaning and serving me.

So I pointed out that this is the service Men deserve.

Yes I’ve come to learn that. It’s funny, when we first spoke, I found the arrangement awkward and didn’t really want to be around if he was serving, but I soon learnt that this is the way things are meant to be and it’s a very natural arrangement. I see how much joy serving me gives him And sometimes think he actually gets more out of it than I do.

I know the faggot (like all faggots) has a huge foot fetish. I wanted to know if Master Matthew was still indulging in massages from his faggot.

Mainly foot massages, I always have a morning foot massage whilst I eat my breakfast in bed. And in the evenings if I’m not up to much. There’s a few times after a workout, that I’ve got him to give me full body massage. He’s fairly good but could do with a bit of training on full body massage. I’ve told him he’s not up to scratch as when I’ve had professional massages and he did say that massage is something he’s really passionate about and wants to improve so I expect he’s going to find some more professional training. Yes. In my experience, if I’m not happy with something, he’ll do everything he can to correct the situation and make me 100% happy. Plus he didn’t like it when I paid for a professional massage once.

I asked Master Matthew if he had fed his faggot his cum at all.

No he knows that’s out of bounds and only for the ladies. It hasn’t stopped him asking, but funnily enough he’s more hung up on letting him lick my ass.

BINGO! I immediately went to work on Master Matthew, explaining what it will do for him to have his faggot lick his ass, but he wasn’t having any of it.

Hmm not really something I’m interested in as seems pretty “gay” to me. It is driving me mad though, he seems to be bringing up every day (multiple times) at the moment. I got pretty pissed with him about it but feel a bit bad as can see how desperate he is. Part of me is thinking he does so much for me, the least I can do is let him taste my ass. But I can’t bend over, that’s just too queer.

So then I sent Master Matthew a clip of legendary foot King Master Max getting his ass licked by his favorite faggot.

That did the trick!

Ok you were right. I felt like an absolute KING this morning having my ass cleaned by my dirty little faggot! And my god was it grateful. I think I’ve made it’s year… perhaps even life! Cheers, sure felt good. He can’t wait to get back up there apparently 😂… been messaging me all day.

So fucking awesome, right?? I sometimes surprise even myself!

But now a new situation has developed:

Could do with your opinion on something… my faggot has told me today that after cancelling his weekend away with his boyfriend, the boyfriend has now booked a two week holiday in October. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this… two weeks is a long time. I would have allowed one week but this seems to be taking the piss. Should he have consulted me before doing this? To be fair to my faggot, he has apologised and said he didn’t know as it was a surprise for him. But just think, the boyfriend should have spoken with me first. I told him I’m going to think about it…

Honestly, I was concerned that Master Matthew was already targeting the faggot’s boyfriend and their relationship. When an Alpha exerts his natural privilege over a situation like this too early, it can ruin everything.

I wasn’t sure the boyfriend even knew about Master Matthew (which would explain why he impulsively booked a vacation). So I asked.

Yes, my faggot has told his boyfriend that I am his master and that he belongs to me. He accepts this and I have condone him keeping his boyfriend. I even met his boyfriend once when he dropped him over and his boyfriend was respectful and called me sir. So didn’t foresee any issues. It seems odd that the boyfriend is doing things without my permission when I am the clear owner. It does concern me, as it’s really twice the length of time that would reasonably allow. Plus I feel like he undermining me as his master.

Do you fucking hear the entitlement in the words of Master Matthew? This is a totally straight Alpha new to the ownership of faggots, and now he wants complete control and loyalty! See? It doesn’t take straight Alphas long to embrace the natural order!

So I encouraged Master Matthew to talk to the boyfriend (who is clearly beta, if not a faggot also).

Well just had the boyfriend over… he was actually very respectful and apologetic and has offered me to either cancel their vacation or he’ll pay for me to go with them… two weeks in Turks and Caicos… will even put me in the master room as there’s a sofa bed they can share too. But not sure I want to be third wheeling with a gay couple lol. Seems like a couples holiday. Tempting as a nice holiday though.

HOLY FUCK!!! Master Matthew is the reluctant fisherman who begrudgingly cast out his line and immediately hooked MOBY DICK! This couple clearly have money and opportunity, and they want to lavish an expensive trip to the tropical paradise of Turks and Caicos!

I jumped all over this, practically demanding that Master Matthew take that offer. Not only would he possibly find some wealthy female bitches to woo there – it’s very affluent – but this would be an incredible opportunity for Master Matthew to truly experience the life of a real King!

Still, Master Matthew had reservations.

I think you’re right. I really am happy owning my faggot, he does a great job and I’m pretty proud. This holiday though, is playing with my ego and I’m wondering if I go and use it as my opportunity to own the pair of them. But then I’m being greedy and only doin it for my ego, as really don’t need two. I needed my faggot but don’t feel I actually need another. Plus, chance that he isn’t looking for a master.

So I laid out the argument this way:

Master, to be frank, the boyfriend is already your property. It’s in his genetic code. You are a superior Man, and betas and faggots are just born to serve you. They don’t know what they are or want until an Alpha like you comes along and takes control. There’s nothing wrong with an Alpha enjoying having his ego stroked, Master. What’s the point of glory if you can’t bask in it? These two are going to give you an experience few straight Alphas allow themselves to enjoy. I bet you could throw them out of their own room on vacation and fuck women there and they’d obey. You could leave the used condoms for them to savor afterward. Master, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to experience the life you deserve, the life of a literal King! Don’t waste it please.

I reached his heart with that, I think:

You’re very right. There’s no doubt, he’s my property too. Not a bad idea to throw them out the room too when I bring ladies back.

I don’t know if I’ve encountered many ascendencies to power as dramatic as Master Matthew’s. Every new discovery feels like the flex of a newly-discovered muscle. It’s a shame more straight Men and Alphas will never allow themselves the chance to experience “The Life” I recently wrote about.

But fortunately Master Matthew has embraced The Life, and he’s about to discover the true power inside himself!

Stay tuned!