The other day I received a question about why Nature created faggots in the first place. The age-old question “Why Am I Here?” has plagued humans since they first began forming sentences, but for faggots the question goes directly to their obvious function within the Hierarchy.

Then frequent commenter “Straight Mike” unleashed this nugget of wisdom:

As a straight alpha I want to offer my perspective on this. Why does it matter to you what role your entire demographic plays in the grand scheme of things? It’s like asking why gazelle’s exist when they serve no “purpose” except as food for the lion. Ultimately you’ve come to accept your role in society, and it’s a pretty important one. Kings need fucking subjects. Gods need worshippers. Pastors need a flock. How is an alpha even able to experience being an alpha without willing and eager betas there to prop them up? I’m curious how many brilliant ideas or decisions were brought on by the relaxation provided by a sissy to someone far more important in terms of value to society as a whole. The saying used to be behind every great man is a woman. Why can’t the modern equivalent be under every highly successful alpha is at least one sissy, and the truly great ones usually have more. You have value. You have purpose. You have worth in the grand scheme of things. You need a good throat fucking to remind you that you really shouldn’t be wasting your time contemplating such deep thoughts.

What a breath of fresh air! It’s just like a straight Alpha to zero in on a matter and directly hit the target!

What do you think of his assessment?