Swallow! (The Importance of Respecting Cum)

Over the years, I’ve been baffled by the sheer number of people who seem to be resistant to the act of swallowing a Man’s cum. Either they don’t understand the point of it, or they think it’s gross or degrading, or they feel it isn’t important. 

For me, a natural cocksucker, it seemed obvious. Why was I going down on a Man’s cock if I wasn’t interested in the final result of all of my hard work? In my mind, a Man’s cumshot was my reward. I always thought it was a warm, creamy “Thank You” for a job well done. 

In my experience, the act of swallowing cum is EXTREMELY important to the overall pleasure of a Man. Why is that? After all, the Man had an orgasm, so that should indicate that he was pleased, right? 

WRONG! There is an entire psychological element to a Man’s orgasm and, by extension, his cumshot. Ask any Man (regardless of sexual orientation), and they’ll tell you – a porn scene feels incomplete without a cumshot at the end. I’ve been to bachelor parties where the straight guys in the room would actually CHEER the cumshot at the end of a porn scene. It’s the visual exclamation point to the sexual experience.

Why do Men love to squirt their cum on someone’s face? Again, it has nothing to do with physical pleasure. It’s about marking territory. It’s about humiliating the other person, claiming that person. 

So we see a pattern here, don’t we? Cumshots are important to Men for reasons beyond the physical. In fact, the cumshot might be the one part of a natural sex act that is satisfying for a Man more on a psychological level than a physical one. 

Why do Men value their cum so highly? Mainly because it carries their essence. Cum holds the DNA of the Man, cradled in a soup of hormones nutrients uniquely tied to him. Cum is a Man’s holy power of Creation.  

So with all of that psychological baggage tied to the cumshot, how do you think a Man feels when a partner spits it out in disgust?

Swallowing a Man’s cum is the most intimate acknowledgement of his great power and acceptance of HIM in the most complete way. Spitting that out is basically a rejection of those things on a psychological level.

So, to every submissive on Earth, I exhort you emphatically:


By doing so, you will make the Man feel powerful and complete in an extremely intimate way that transcends a simple orgasm. It is the physical and symbolic acceptance of HIM, of HIS POWER and HIS MANHOOD. 

It is the greatest show of respect we can offer to him. Do not forsake it!