The Discord server arm of FWA (CLICK HERE) continues to slowly grow into a fertile place to meet Alphas and faggots and share experiences and thoughts on Hierarchy. This new version of the server is delightfully free of the posers and pansies that tried to overrun it the first time.

One of my favorite channels on the new server is the one dedicated to true stories. Here people can share their experiences and receive feedback or advice.

One user named Kawada shared a doozy of a story of his use by his first Alpha, a hunky neighbor who took him during his freshman year in high school.

When I was just starting high school, there was a man who used to always be doing yard work with his shirt off whenever I was omw home from school. He was sexy af, muscular and sweaty. I would stare at him and sometimes stop walking so I could watch him.
He noticed me noticing him and one day waved me over. He said he’d seen me checking him out. I was too shy and awkward to say anything. He said it was hot and he needed a drink and asked if I wanted to come inside. I followed. He plopped down on the couch, pointed to the kitchen and told me to grab him a beer. I obeyed. When I came back to the living room, he had his cock out, stroking. He asked me if I liked it. I was still shy and said I dunno. He said he could tell I was a faggot. I felt myself blush. My face got hot. He said it’s ok to be a faggot. Theres nothing wrong with it. He told me that it’s ok to stare but I’d like it better if I got closer. He stood up and told me to get on my knees.
I obeyed. He said “good girl” and walked up close so his cock was near my face. I leaned forward to suck it, but he slapped my face. Not hard, not to hurt me. Just to correct me. He said, I didn’t say you could touch my dick. You gotta ask permission first. I said, can I suck it? He said, you need to show respect. Say please and thank you, and call me sir. I said, can I please suck your cock sir? He said, “good girl” and pulled my head onto his cock. I had never sucked cock before but had thought about it a lot. He was so sweaty from working in the sun, he tasted salty and smelled like a real man.
I started to choke right away and pull away, but he wouldn’t let me. I kept shoving my head down and kept saying, “in your throat, in your THROAT” until he pushed past my tonsils. I was pounding on his thighs with my fists and eventually he let me up for air. I he said catch your breath fast. I took a few deep breaths and then he shoved my head back down and facefucked me some more. I kept struggling for air, but he kept saying not until I say so. He paused every once in a while to let me catch a few quick breaths. I was getting dizzy but he didn’t let me pass out.
Eventually he said, show me your pussy. I felt paralyzed. All I could do was gasp for air. He picked me up like a rag doll and carried me into the bedroom. He said take all that shit off. I started taking my clothes off. When I was down to my underwear he put me on all fours on the bed and tore my underwear completely off. He said don’t ever let me see you wear that shit again. Either wear some cute panties or no underwear at all. Understand me? I said, yes sir. He said good girl. I felt him rub his cock up and down my ass crack. He put some lube or lotion or something on it. It felt cold and wet.
I felt the head of his cock go inside me. It hurt and I started to panic and pull away. He pinned me down with his full weight and pushed inside me deeper. I screamed and he put his hand over my mouth. I whimpered and thrashed but he said, “shut the fuck up. Do what I tell you and it won’t hurt.” He was only just barely in past the head and stopped. He said, squeeze your pussy as tight as you can and hold it. I did. He waited a few seconds and said, ok relax. I did, and when I relaxed I could feel him slide in deeper. He said, squeeze tight again. I did. He waited a few seconds and said relax. Same thing happened. This went on until my pussy had swallowed his entire cock. He held it there for a long time, and kept telling me to squeeze and relax over and over.
Eventually I couldn’t squeeze anymore, my muscles were so exhausted. That’s when he started fucking me. It hurt but I could take it. I wasn’t afraid anymore. He pulled my hair and made me look into the mirror. He said, look at yourself, faggot. Now look at me. See the difference? I must moaned. He pulled my hair so my eyes watered and said again, see the difference, faggot?? I said yes, sir. He said what are you? I said I’m a faggot sir. He said good girl. And what am I? I said you’re a man. He said that’s right. You’re not a man are you? I said no sir. He said you were never a man were you. I said no sir. He said you could never be a man could you. I said no sir. He said look at yourself in the mirror and say it again. I looked into my eyes in the mirror while this man raped me and said I’m a faggot. I said it over and over. Eventually I could feel his pace quicken. He said I’m gonna cum. Where you want my cum, faggot? I said on my face. He said to bad, slut. And fucking roared and pounded my pussy so hard I screamed again. I could feel ever inch of his cock throbbing inside me when he pumped me full of his cum. He stayed inside me spasming for a long time after that.
Then slowly, very slowly, he pulled out of my pussy. He said I had some good pussy and I felt proud for making him cum so much. He said, “Now you say thank you, sir.” I obeyed. He said, “you gonna bring that pussy back tomorrow?” I said yes sir. He said good girl. Now get the fuck out of here before my wife gets home.
I went back for more every day after school, and sometimes skipped school so I could spend the whole day being his nasty little cock sleeve. He taught me obedience, respect, and a faggots place. He usually kept me to himself, but occasionally he would blindfold me and let other men use my pussy. I never knew who any of them were except one. I recognized the voice of his weed dealer, and I’m pretty sure he pimped me out for weed at least once. Since that first time, there have been several occasions when I was getting fucked and I felt like I couldn’t take any more and tried to stop. The men always told me to shut the fuck up and made me take it until they were finished. In the moment, I was always afraid and in pain, but afterwards, I was always glad they didn’t let me tap out. I would have been so disappointed and embarrassed for failing in my primary purpose in life.
I am so grateful to the alphas who taught me that it’s ok to be a faggot and that you can take pride in yourself if you know your place and serve your purpose well. Without that first rape, I would never have had the courage to submit to a real man. I would have continued living a lie, in shame and misery. He quite probably saved my life.
Hot, but also honest.

It’s interesting that faggots who experience these kinds of rape-like takings by Alphas come to the same Hierarchical conclusion: this is how it had to happen so that this faggot could accept its purpose.

I essentially came to the same conclusion about my rape. Other faggots taken in this fashion say the same. Some might dismiss these justifications as a way to cope with a traumatic event but I don’t think so. I simply think that we faggots understand the Male need to take and roughly use faggots Hierarchically rather than emotionally.

There is no doubt that Men see it that way. Notice this response from an Alpha on the server who calls himself “Imperator Caesar Augustus”:

What happened is that they took the responsibility out of your hands of having to decide if u were or not a fag. Probably it would have taken ages to figure it out by urself, but these men gave you no choice but to comply, and they knew u would comply, they saw it in your body language, that u were craving em and they acted…. Alphas know how to read body language. It’s a predatory characteristic.

I, of course, agree with everything this Alpha said about Kawada’s “rape”. When Alphas take faggots like this, they’re tilling the garden soil of Hierarchy and planting new crops of faggots. It’s a sexual form of natural selection.

Which is why faggots like myself or Kawada end up in this phantom zone somewhere between traumatized and grateful for being taken this way.

The older I get, the more grateful I am.